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Addition of Bathroom Holes

As some of you may have already noticed, there have been some additions to the public restrooms throughout campus. These additions are a holes being put in between all stalls in multi-stall restrooms. Some will only have one larger one, while others will also have a smaller one closer at hand. These are designed to be used for passing toilet paper and other needed items between stalls.

This action was taken after a meeting of the full school board to face some reported problems with supplies being shorted and several situations where staff and students were left without needed paper or other items within their stalls. In most public restrooms this would be handled by passing needed items under the stall wall to them, but due to changes made two years ago to put full walls on every stall this was not possible. Without a space below (or even above) the stall it was impossible to get supplies to the stranded people without opening the stall door and exposing them in full to the whole restroom.

That previous change was made for privacy reasons that became necessary when all campus restrooms were made coed (which was also a change made due to complaints of limited restroom space available, even when ones for the other sex were not even in use). Since the rooms were now coed, the option of opening the door on a compromised student was not a viable option, but there still needed to be a way to move replacement items into the stall. Small flaps, doors, or even drawers were considered, but the cost of them was too great for minimal return. Instead it was determined that carefully placed holes were the best option.

The size of these holes have been carefully selected and their placement was done with great care for access and ease of use. The larger holes are specifically designed to fit a standard large-sized roll of toilet paper, which is what the school purchases and placed within the stalls in equal numbers when re-supplied. The smaller holes are designed to fit most tubes, feminine supplies, balms, or other items that a person may need while in their stall. The placement of them is also to keep them within decent arms reach when seated, without giving an uncomfortable eye-line to the person in the next stall (retaining the privacy of the walls).

Most stalls also have hooks for hanging jackets or other articles of clothing on (we know that some like to remove their dress when using the restroom to keep it from falling into the water or otherwise getting soiled). These are placed above the holes so that any removed clothing can be hung to block the holes for increased privacy if desired.

These holes are to be used only for passing requested utility items between stalls. Toilet paper is the most common of these, as each stall should have a supply of them but some may run out sooner than others. Feminine supplies, lotions, and other items that are not supplied by the school but still requested can also be passed through these holes. These are the only things that these holes are allowed to be used for.

Illegal substances, non-hygiene supplies, and other items are forbidden to be passed through these holes. Clothing of any kind is also not allowed to pass through these holes, either way. This means no taking items that are hanging in front of holes and no giving people extra clothing through the holes. This prevents people from being caught with too many items by the inspectors due to somebody shoving items on them or somebody ditching items through the hole when they suspect an inspection is near. Being caught doing any of these things is grounds for punishment.

These holes are also not to be used to spy on or peek in on people in the stalls next to you. Although it is hard to prove, unless their face is pressed against the hole, it is against the rules to use the holes for this kind of activity. A general level of respect and decorum is expected from everyone.

It is not, however, against the rules for body parts to partially pass through the hole, as this may be side effect of handing something through and unavoidable. It is impossible to regulate this in any way that can't be abused so it is expected that the student body will regulate their own actions and treat their neighbors with respect. Don't go poking your hand into the stall next door to shake their hand unless you are first invited to do so during an item exchange.

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