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Just as with our first Training Session, this one was being put together and shot before we went public with this series of special instructional posts. That meant we had to have a volunteer for the images that we could trust to keep quiet about it and not have to openly ask around for. Our first volunteer, Ashley Norrington, suggested we contact Desiree. She knew her from activities they had both been involved with and had become friends on campus the last couple years. We contacted her and found she was perfect for this project.

Desiree Spence – Handling Unusual Inspection Situations

For this, our second and one of the most difficult sections of this project, we are blessed to have the wife of one of our fabulous Art Teachers (Norman Spence) as our main volunteer. She was happy to become one of our first volunteers and even asked to be involved in this particular session. We had planned to do this one later in the series—once we had a wider (and open) casting call (thinking we would need it)—but Desiree was so eager to do it we couldn't pass up making it move forward in the project.

Norman Spence has been teaching at the college since he graduated eight years ago, first as an assistant instructor and now as a teacher in his own right. He met Desiree at a local restaurant and they quickly hit it off and were soon married. She moved onto campus with him three years ago and they have been active members of the community here for years. Desiree quickly became accustomed to rules of the school and came to like and respect them greatly, which is why she wanted to be an important part of this project once she learned of it.

Unlike our first session, this one could not be done with just the main subject and some photographers. At first we had hoped that we could use a dummy or artificial stand-in of some kind, but that soon proved to be unrealistic (as you can see from the attempt: Failed Session). We figured at least two other volunteers were needed for certain sections of this session. Desiree was happy to have Ashley come in for one of the days and have her handle some of the sections that required two subjects of either any sex or females. We also had to have a few male volunteers to fill out the requirements, but they were only needed for a couple sections. Although several people were involved, Desiree was still the central focus for all the parts of this session.

The basics of what is going to be covered here are some of the strange, unusual, or special circumstances or situations that can come un during the duties of an Inspector and how they are allowed to handle them. These can be some of the more difficult things for an Inspector to deal with and there are several that have special rules that go along with them. It's important for all Inspectors to understand how to handle them, even if they are not something that they should expect to see often or even mention most of the time.

Inspection Positions: Overview of acceptable positions for an inspection subject to take.
Illegal Swimwear: Most female swimwear is against the rules.
Staff Members: Handling inspections of school staff members and reprisentitives.
Personal Employees: How to deal with inspections involving those you employ on campus.
Work Situations: Inspections handled when dealing with coworkers in jobs on campus.
Punishments: How to handle dealing with those being punished as an Inspector.
Naked Around Campus: Dealing with those who wander around campus without any clothing.
Bribe - Showing Off: Overview of bribes and covering the basic "hands off" types one might encounter.
Bribe - Double Show: How do you handle it if two want to put on a show to get out of an inspection?
Bribe - Blow Job: Some girls will try to bribe the male Inspectors with oral gratification.
Bribe - Double Blow Job: Occasionally multiple girls will offer the same bribe together.
Bribe - Cunnilingus: Female Inspectors can also be bribed with oral gratification by both sexes.
Bribe - Sexual Intercourse: The most extreme bribe can come from offerings of actual sex.

For more Training Sessions see the Inspector Training Section.
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