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Dee Dee Denton – Dance Major

Winning the honor of being our first student spotlight is Dee Dee Denton, known as 3D to her friends. It was the gushing praise of her dance instructor, Mr. Randolph Morgenstein, that brought her to our attention and opened the idea of doing these student spotlights. Since then we have received a few other nominations, but we felt it was only fair that the one that sparked the idea was the one that got to be first.

Mr. Morgenstein said, "Dee Dee is one of the most kindly and helpful folks we have in the dance department right now. She overflows with an effervescence that is downright contagious. When she is in one of my classes I know the rest will be improved by it. I will be truly sorry to see her leave after she graduates next year." It's words like these that makes us truly want to showcase this amazing student.

When I arrived to do my interview and watch the photo shoot, she was already dancing around the room naked. It was hard not to smile as I watched her. When she noticed me she came over to talk and I asked if she wanted to put her outfit back on before we started. She shook her head and said, "Nah, I prefer to be natural when I dance. I feel the fabric only restricts my options as I move and dance should be about freedom and flow."

She told me about her childhood in northern California and how she used to participate in a junior dance studio every winter. She said her real love for the dance didn't come until she was in high school and didn't make the cheer squad. They told her that she moved "too elegantly and carefully" to on the team. That she was built more as a dancer. So she took it as a sign.

That was when she started seriously taking dance classes and performing in local productions after school. By the time she was a senior she was certain that dance was what she wanted to pursue as a career. After looking at a few schools, she chose to come here, to CUNT. As a freshman she took all the courses she needed and danced regularly in her free time, learning a lot more than she ever did back home. Her skills grew and her knowledge was exceeding all expectations.

It was late in her sophomore year that she was asked if she wanted to help out in the department as a teachers aid and junior instructor. By the middle of this year, her junior year, she is leading groups of new students three out of five days a week, with the other two days being led by the lead instructor of the department. Almost no other students have ever been given this level of control or responsibility, especially as a junior.

According to Mr. Morgenstein, she is even being given a class of her own next year and has been offered a junior instructor position once she graduates, if she chooses to take it. Dee Dee is not only one of the best examples of what CUNT can do for a student, but a shining example of what CUNT has to offer to future generations. I know that I personally hope to see her unhindered frame dancing around our stages in front of classes for years to come and well beyond my own time here, and I am glad I was asked to write this first Student Spotlight on such an amazing person on our campus.

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