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Cracked Student Spotlight Archive

Danielle Masterson (Outtakes)

While posing with her chessboard for this spotlight, Danielle Masterson got a little frisky and started to goof off. As you can see, from these unused images, she started to insert some of the pieces into her pussy (and more) and taking all sorts of poses to show off this alternate use for the game. The camera person took every opportunity to capture all these poses, but the spotlight editors chose not to use any of them. So I present the best of them here for you to enjoy what they want to keep for themselves.

Also during the interview Danielle shared the story about her high school years and what she did in her chess club there. In this story we learned about how she would sometimes end up topless in front of the whole club, but this detail is all the editors of the spotlight felt we needed to know. The entirety of this story was never shared with us and that's just a horrible shame. Luckily I found the recordings of the interview on their servers and will present the best of it here.

So sit back and enjoy looking at Danielle Masterson inserting chess pieces in to herself (including her pooper) while she tells you stories about how she started her now common practice of stripping while playing chess with guys in her club.

Just know that you can easily go down on one of the open house nights the Chess Club holds and see her (and her cheerleaders) in person doing far more than this. Trust me, it's worth it.

Danielle: "It was still frustrating being treated like an outsider in the club, even though I was just as good as (if not better than) most of them at the game. But I also noticed that they were starting to see me in a different light as my body started to fill out."

She chuckles slightly and looks down at her breasts.

"I mean these things started to come in when I was in middle school, but they didn't really fill out until I hit high school and those boys definitely noticed. And I noticed them noticing. And that gave me the idea. If I wanted these guys to get over their fear of losing to a girl, I had to offer them a chance for something greater than that in their mind. A chance to see a real girl's boobs in person."

Interviewer: "And that worked?"

Danielle laughs before continuing.

"Like a charm. The guys were practically fighting with each other over who would get to play me. I mean, at first I was just flashing anyone who beat me where nobody else got to see. And they were fast flashes too, so they didn't really get a good look, but over time I relaxed about it and they got kind of annoyed with the shortness of the flashes... And the fact that only one guy at a time would get to see me.

"Plus I was beating them pretty badly and pretty regularly, so even those flashes were getting pretty rare.

"So after a while they started to push me to offer better odds, since I was winning too much, and I gave them to them. At first I agreed to flash the whole group, which were longer flashes than I started to do, but still just flashes. Then came the weekly "championship" match nights, where I would offer to give up my top for the last half hour of the meeting if I lost the final match."

Danielle: "Most weeks I still won, and left all the guys groaning with regret, but still willing to come back for another game at the following meeting (especially for the next "championship" match). So I was still getting to play a lot, and they were actually starting to respect me for my skills, even if it all happened because they liked looking at my boobs."

Interviewer: "But you did end up topless on occasion, right? Or did you just always win these matches?"

Danielle: "Oh, I ended up topless alright. On a number of occasions. I remember the first time it happened. It was after about four or five weeks into our inclusion of these Friday afternoon "championship" matches when I finally lost one. The guys were expecting me to be all embarrassed and shy about it, but as soon as I surrendered my king I pulled off my shirt and stood up. I then undid my bra and tossed it aside, leaving me completely topless and on display.

"You should have seen the guys. They were all shocked and speechless. None of them said a word, moved, or took their eyes off me. I struggled hard not to laugh at them, but I managed. Instead I simply stood there with my hand up and out to the sides, as to not block anything from view, and slowly spun around to make sure they could all get a good look. After a few minutes I finally put my arms down and tried to get them to do something. Play another game. Talk. Move. Anything. It was so funny to see all of then sitting or standing there like statues.

"Eventually they did move, but most of them refused to stand up until after I put my shirt back on about fifteen minutes later. I think they were embarrassed about their boners. But that didn't stop them from wanting more. After that first time, it seemed to light a fire under some of their butts to buckle down and practice, so they could beat me again. And they did. A number of times.

"I was topless in front of them for upwards of a half an hour at least six or seven more times before I graduated. And that was just on these "championship" match nights. I still had to flash them at our regular meetings many more times than that. I have no idea how many times that happened, but they were always relatively short and never involved me completely removing my shirt and bra. Although sometimes one of them would come off, but not both. Saved that for the big matches."

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