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Testimonials from Alumni and Students of CUNT

Don't accept just our word about how great things are here at Central University of New Town. Check out these unsolicited testimonials from previous and current students of our school. If you wish to add your own testimonial to the list, please visit our community forums and tell us about your time here at CUNT.

Featured Testimonial
Every so often we choose one of our numerous testimonials to feature on the main page here.

Rachel Clark – Student

For three years now I have taken various dance and related classes through the Performing Arts branch of Central University. I have been provided with top-notch instruction by highly qualified, professional, and friendly instructors who were not only great teachers but have also been great role models. I have established strong friendships with several of them and my fellow classmates that have gone well beyond the classes or even college and have been provided with opportunities to perform numerous types of shows in many different settings.

As a participant in several campus performing groups, I have even performed at local nursing homes, minor league baseball games, dance festivals, charity events and innumerable recitals. These experiences have provided them with confidence, exercise, expertise, and a means of artistic expression using my preferred method of dance. I highly recommend CUNT to anyone who seeks a school that provides opportunity for professional instruction of not just dance, but all performing arts.

Words cannot express how much I've enjoyed my few years learning and dancing here. It has literally become my second home and I am not exactly looking forward to leaving. The instructors and fellow students have touched my heart. Because of what I've experienced here through my studies, I have decided to minor in education and perhaps even come back here one day to become one of the next generation of instructors.
TruthGirl Was Here
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