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Welcome To Central University of New Town

As the School Chancellor, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to what is one of the best state and regional universities. In the nearly 100 years of existence, CUNT has grown from a small private college into the large university you see today. The school combines the natural beauty of the surrounding woodland with the modern facilities of a full-featured university. Activities and sports abound, the staff is helpful and highly knowledgeable in their areas of study, and the student body is highly active with both the school and the community. All of this creates an exceptional college experience for everyone.

You will find that our university offers highly trained instructors with a more personal touch, with the feel of a smaller college, as can only be offered by smaller class sizes and a larger staff. Our strict adherence to an internal Code of Conduct, which our own instructors and security staff enforce, also makes us one of the most protected and classy educational facilities in the nation. All this allows us here at CUNT to connect with our students and fulfill all of their academic needs, while providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

You will learn a lot during your time here, but most importantly will be what you learn about yourself in the process. Lasting connections with both fellow students and prominent members of the community and faculty will also aid you as your life grows beyond the college experience. CUNT Alumni often speak of their time here and the people they met affecting their careers and lives, with many returning later in life to give aid or speak at university events.

I wish you well as you begin your learning experience with us and look forward to your participation with our community here.

Expand your Understanding of Central University of New Town

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