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College Classifieds
College Classified Ads

Listings for full houses for rent in and around the Central University campus are posted here. Roommates and subletting are often allowed (talk to the owners for details).

Listings for Apartments and condos for rent near the Central University campus are posted here. Roommates are often allowed (talk to the owners for details.)

Listings of rooms for rent within group living situations (including sublets and boarding houses) that are near the Central University campus are posted here.

Those looking to fill a roommate position in their dorms or campus apartments or wanting to be a roommate on campus post here to make that connection.

Available Work-Study Positions found within the school system (as part of work-study scholarships) are posted and discussed here.

Listings for temporary seasonal jobs that pop up around the New Town area are posted here.

Listings for available jobs that are primarily Part-Time (30 hours a week or under) are posted here. Usually with flexible hours available for students.

Listings for available jobs that are primarily Full-Time (Over 30 hours a week) are posted here. Flexible hours for student is a must for any postings here.

Listings for items people have for sale or trade (or that you want to sell/trade) are posted here. Make offers and deals for what people have.

Looking for something? Ask if anyone has what you are looking for or has the ability to get it, or even make it for you.

Need to have some small job or favor done for you? Is there something you just can't do on your own? Try asking for it here and see if anyone else will help you out (prices are up to you).

Have some service you can offer for others in need? Let them know about it here. Negotiate prices and get them what they want.

Have you found something? Have you lost something? Try and make a connection here and get things back to where they should be.

Did you see someone somewhere around campus but missed the connection? Don't let that be it. Try and make it now by posting about your story here.

Have some interest you want to share with others? Make a new friend by posting here and never have to do it alone again.

Want to make that special love connection with the right person for you? Try your luck by posting here and see who bites.

Numerous groups on campus post about available memberships and even some upcoming club events here.

Classes with open enrollment, available to every enrolled student of Central University (usually for free), are offered here. Some may be open to the public (usually with a cost).

Any number of special events happening on campus (usually by the school or some school club or organization) will be posted here.

Many special events happening around New Town that may be of interest to students (or that have school connections) are posted here.

Any other kinds of announcements that don't fit in the other categories should be posted here.
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