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School Codes and Regulations

In order to maintain a friendly, happy, and safe educational environment, the administration of Central University of New Town has carefully crafted the following codes and rules. Over the course of years of study, changes, and even the observation of how other colleges handled their codes, they have come up with what is now used on and around campus. In short the codes are designed to encourage an environment of mutual respect and decorum. It is important that all students read through and understand the school codes of conduct and dress, and have at least a cursory understanding the other rules and local laws.

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1. Codes of Conduct - (Complete Text)
2. Dress Ideology Codes - (Complete Text)
3. Campus Visitor Rules
4. Pertinent City Ordinances

Official Documents
Addition of Bathroom Holes

Special Training and Information About the Codes
Inspector Training: Go behind the scenes of what Inspectors have to learn.
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