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1 Code of Conduct

These Code of Conduct (CoC) rules are to be followed by all Students and Staff members at all times while on campus. These rules are designed to encourage an environment that displays high levels of class and decorum, which should make the school feel safe and enjoyable for all to all members of the staff and student body, as well as visitors. This environment encourages learning as well as being a safe and enjoyable place for students to spend their recreational time. Failure to follow the CoC can lead to reprimands, citations, and even punishments as severe as expulsion.

Visitors to the campus are allowed more leeway, but must clearly wear their visitor badges at all times while traveling through the campus or be subject to the code. As posted at all entrances to the campus, visitors must immediately check in with one of the campus offices to acquire a Visitor Badge as soon as they arrive or be subject all rules of the CoC and other campus policies. Regular visitors (those coming to campus more often than four days in any given semester) will be required to follow the CoC, but should still wear their Regular Visitor Badge to separate themselves from some of the other rules and restrictions of the campus.

As long as one carries themselves with respect to others and a good level of decorum, as well as following the directives of senior staff members and official Authorized Inspectors, they should be fine and well within the rules of the CoC. This is because these rules listed within the CoC are or minimum behavioral standards. Most people should carry themselves in levels well above the standards most of the time, so actually violating the CoC requires a serious breach of what is considered normal behavior to most.

Some of the codes are in place to exemplify and encourage desired behavior through description of what one should be doing. Other codes are in place to discourage certain types of behavior or dress, and should be followed because it helps others learn to follow these other desired actions. Either way these codes are designed to maintain the high levels of decorum expected from all staff and students.

1.1 Behavioral Regulations
1.1.1 Academic Behavior Scheduling Attendance Obedience Cheating
1.1.2 Inconsiderate Actions Noise Violations Cell Phone Restrictions Public Exposure
1.1.3 Banned and Restricted Items Illegal Drugs Alcohol Cigarettes Firearms & Weapons
1.1.4 Facility Usage Internet Usage Main Offices & Campus Security Office Legal Building Library & Records Office Athletics Buildings Stadium, Arena, & Public Theatre

1.2 Interpersonal Regulations
1.2.1 Harassment Insults and Threats Slander and Lies Spying and Stalking
1.2.2 Physical Contact Fighting & Assault Touching Sexual Activity Sexual Assault
1.2.3 Public Gatherings Hearings & Public Punishments Rallies, Protests, & Other Student Events Assemblies, Sports, & College Events
1.2.4 Organizations Teams Clubs Greek Houses (Sororities & Fraternities)

1.3 Code Violation Policies
1.3.1 Public Hearings Filing a Grievance Hearing Procedures Punishment
1.3.2 Student Council Decisions Calling the Council Study of Material Making the Ruling
1.3.3 School Board Decisions Review of Information Final Outcome

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