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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.5 Unlawful Inspection Violation Procedure Hearing
In case further action is needed, the filer of the claim must wear the same thing they did in the reenactment to the hearing. Failure to appear on time at the hearing automatically acquits the inspector of all wrongdoing and drops the case (which may result in punishment for the filer of the claim for wasting the school's time).

Unlawful Inspection Violation Hearings are usually fairly quick, as most of the information and evidence has already been presented ahead of time. A viewing of the reenactment is usually a part of the proceedings, as are short arguments by both sides. The defending inspector may request to present his side by performing an in court reenactment of how he says things happened, and the filer of the claim must willingly play their part in it. If they attempt to argue or refute during the reenactment they may be cited for a court violation, as this is the defenses only chance to tell their side of things (truthful or not).

Once both sides have had their say, the judge may have a number of questions they want answered and all involved are required to answer anything they ask about truthfully. After he is satisfied he has all the needed information he may request a short recess to mull over the details, and possibly view the evidence again, before presenting his judgment.
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