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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.5 Unlawful Inspection Violation Procedure Violation Types
It is important to realize the types of actions that are actually considered violations, as many actions that some may protest are not actually violations according to the rules of the code. Actions also have to be provable actions to be considered violations, so implied violations (such as profiling) that require knowing what others are thinking are not prosecutable due to the inability to read minds.

Requesting favors or bribes: It is against the rules for an inspector to ask for bribes or favors in exchange for a lighter citation or to be let go without an inspection. Inspectors can't control their suspects, so they may be offered bribes or favors, but if they directly initiate by asking for them they are in violation of the rules. This can be hard to prove without witnesses willing to come forward, so be careful to have all your evidence in place before filing a claim.

Inappropriate Punishment: Inspectors are not allowed to dole out much in the way of punishment or humiliation, although some find the inspections themselves to be humiliating. If an inspector demands the enactment of some immediate punishment to be performed the suspect may have a right to file a violation claim.

Outside Involvement: During an inspection, observers are allowed to watch the inspection (and actually encouraged to do so, in order to make sure that everything is done on the up and up), but none of them are allowed to get directly involved or touch the suspect without either the permission of the suspect (usually asking for help with something they are having difficulty complying with) or if a suspect becomes uncooperative and the inspector asks for help in confiscating the needed articles for evidence (usually asking for help restraining them while the inspector takes the items). If an inspector either asks for outside involvement (in any case other than the one outlined previously) or does not dissuade and remove an outsider who gets involved against everyone's will in a timely fashion, they may be in violation of this rule and a claim can be made.

Unwarranted Touching: Inspectors are not allowed to touch suspects who are willingly cooperating with the inspection and have not given permission to allow touching. Inspectors may offer suspects the option of a hands on inspection for code compliance, which could allow them to leave at least some of their articles on during the inspection (since the inspector would be able to feel under them to make certain verifications). This is completely voluntary, so if the suspect does not give permission they must continue with the hands off inspection. Suspects who fail to comply with an inspection may find themselves being touched in accordance with the rules of the code in order to confiscate articles as evidence for a hearing. Again, it is important to be careful that you have the right evidence to prove that compliance with the inspection was being performed and permission for hands on inspections was not given before the unwarranted touching happened. Inspectors touching themselves while performing an inspection is not a violation of any kind, only when they touch the inspected party unwarrantedly.
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