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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.4 Punishment Failure to Fulfill
Barring medical or physical inability to complete the punishment, which should be verified by an official Court Officer or Authorized Inspector, failing to fulfill a punishment usually leads to an immediate and unavoidable citation. They are made to appear before a judge, who will assign them a greater punishment to both make up for the unfulfilled punishment and punish them for failing it in the first place. The severity is determined by how they failed, especially how blatant and willfully they were in doing it. Trying to trick inspectors or cheat during a punishment is the most heinous of infractions.

For Example: This poor girl failed to fulfill her required punishment of wearing the "shirt of shame" for a full week, taking it off while in town, and was required to spend eight hours one Saturday on display in this cage, acting as a zoo exhibit for the amusement of the other students.
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