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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.2 Inspections Physical Inspections
Students being called upon for an inspection have the option of not being subjected to the standard inspection procedure, which can lead to public stripping or unwanted exposure. Those who feel they are not in violation and don't want to exposed to prove it can ask for a physical inspection instead. These have to be asked for, as inspectors are not allowed to suggest them or even mention them (in order to prevent abuse). This form of request is not an exception, but an alternate form of inspection.

Instead of being asked to remove articles of clothing or exposing what is under them, inspectors performing a Physical Inspection are allowed to touch the subject on and under their clothing to check for violations. This contact does not have to follow the normal touching rules, as it goes under the clothing without restriction. It also can not be halted, unless they are willing to accept a violation or a full standard inspection. The inspector uses their hands only for the contact, as no other body parts are allowed to touch the subject. The inspection is allowed to continue until the inspector feels they have fully examined the subject and correctly ascertained the guilt or innocence of any violations (suspected or discovered).

During the course of a Physical Inspection some accidental exposure may happen, as reaching under garments to fully inspect subjects may cause some shifting of clothing coverage during the process. This is to be accepted and allowed, but removal of clothing in most cases is not required. Only when clothing is found in violation or if it somehow restricts the Physical Examination can the Inspector request its removal. Clothing removed in this way that is not in violation is returned at the end of the examination.

As with standard inspections, the inspectors are now expected to check for hidden clothing violations within the vaginal area of female suspects. They are expected to insert one or more fingers fully into the suspect's vagina and feel around for any signs of small articles of clothing being hidden inside there. Suspects must allow this as part of the inspection or be expected to go through a full standard inspection from the beginning. Violations found this way are pulled out and added to the evidence collected.
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The rest of the examination process is the same as with standard examinations.
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