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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.4 Code Violation Policies
2.4.2 Inspections Authorized Inspectors
All full time staff members are automatically given the option of being an authorized inspector and are encouraged to become them, in order to keep an eye over their students in their classes. All campus security is also made authorized inspectors as part of their job and training. Finally, certain students in positions of authority and greatly respected may be offered the chance to become an Authorized Inspector, usually designed to be more undercover in the position.

All Authorized Inspectors are given special ID cards (staff ID cards are augmented to include the ID on the same card). These cards have the required ID information on two-thirds of the card and a transparency window tinted to test 50% sheer for comparison reasons over the final third. This card must be presented and referenced during every inspection and hearing involving an Authorized Inspector.

Finally, All Authorized Inspectors are given Certificate of Inspection and Citation notebooks, which they have to keep on themselves in order to be able to perform inspections. The notebooks include booklets filled with Certificates of Inspection and Citation sheets and a pocket for several folded evidence bags. If the notepads ever run out they must get a refill from the main office before they will be able to perform inspections again. Evidence bags should be used for evidence, but if they are currently out of bags they can use anything at the time of the inspection and put it in an evidence bag later, before turning it over to the court system.
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