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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.3 Male
2.3.2 Clothing Types and Rules Socks & Stockings
The defining difference between what is considered Socks and Stockings is the material they are made of and their thickness. Stockings are thinner and should always be tight fitting, usually made of nylon, silk, netting, thin cotton, and other very thin stretchy substances. Socks are thicker and are allowed to be slightly looser fitting (even though most of them aren't), usually made of wool, cotton, or other knitted or woven materials. Males are not allowed to wear stockings and should only wear socks.

Socks are not allowed to go above the bottom of the kneecaps, except in cases of sports uniforms that require higher socks (like soccer). There is no lower limit on the size of Socks. They should be pulled up and held in place (ether on their own or using other articles of clothing and accessories), as droopy or baggy Socks are not appropriate and should be corrected immediately.
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