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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.2 Female
2.2.2 Clothing Types and Definitions Shoes & Boots
The dividing line between what is considered a shoe and a boot is the anklebone. Outer foot coverings that go up to but not above the anklebone are shoes and those that go above the anklebone are considered boots. Shoes can be worn without other foot coverings, but Boots require Socks or Stockings. Boots are not allowed to go higher than the midway point between the top of the knee and the widest part of the hips (often referred to as mid-thigh). Sandals are counted as shoes for the purpose of these rules.

Heels are encouraged, but not required by the DIC, as flats, athletic shoes, and other forms may be needed for numerous reasons at different times that don't have a set schedule that can be added to the rules. As such, bare feet are also allowed, and actually preferred over the appearance of many athletic shoes (especially if the feet are well cared for, manicured, and the toenails are painted).
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