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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.2 Female
2.2.1 Overview Body Coverage
Basic coverage for an outfit is determined with the wearer standing in the Standard Inspection Position. This means standing upright with their back straight and hands down at their sides, but they can not be holding any piece of their outfit down with their hands or arms. In this basic position certain things must be completely covered from all eye lines at heights between the eyes and belly button of the wearer. Vantage points other than those listed do not count towards coverage violations, as they are not considered common vantage points and should not count against them. Because slips, accidents, and unexpected shifting can happen with nearly any outfit, exposure due to these reasons can not be held against a person and only what is seen when an outfit is correctly adjusted and standing in the Standard Inspection Position counts.

Breasts: Because it is not possible to fairly and accurately measure and account for length and area of appropriate cleavage for all sizes and body types with a single rule and the school board dress code committee accepts that banning all cleavage would upset too many of the girls who like to wear looser or more comfortable shirts, it was determined that cleavage could not be used as a measure of decency within the coverage rules of the DIC. Instead the official rule states that both nipples, including their areolas, must be completely covered while in the Standard Inspection Position.

Vagina: The entirety of the vaginal opening must be covered from the front while in the Standard Inspection Position and viewed from the common vantage points. All pubic hair must also be completely hidden from direct view, including any stray hairs that may shift and stick out in odd directions or even work their way through small openings in the clothing. Hairs seen through a semi-sheer fabric are not in violation as long as they are covered. For this reason it is strongly suggested that all females carefully groom and trim or even shave off their pubic hair to avoid possible violations.

Buttocks: Because it is understood that some outfits are cut in ways that may cause some body types to display more than others the rule is written to state that most of the buttocks must be covered while in Standard Inspection Position. To give this a measurable standard, and because total area is not possible to use as a common unit of measure, the vertical crack of the buttocks must at least be two-thirds covered from behind when viewed from common vantage points while in the Standard Inspection Position.

Examples of Correct Inspection Position

Examples of Incorrect Inspection Position

Examples of Minimum Top Coverage

Examples of Minimum Front Coverage

Examples of Minimum Back Coverage
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