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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.1 Unisex Information
2.1.3 Dress Code Exceptions Classroom
Within a classroom the instructor and their assistants have full authority over enforcing the DIC, and can perform inspections and give citations for any normal dress code violation. They may even have their own dress code additions that they expect to be followed within their class, and can give punishments as they see fit for violations of them, but they can not give official citations for violations of the class dress codes or for violations of the DIC caused by the class dress code.

Since these dress cods are not part of the DIC they are not required to be followed by college law, although failure to follow them (or at least accept punishments or failures to follow them) may result in being kicked out of the class. Instructors have full say over conduct and dress code within their classroom, as long as it doesn't violate the major rules of safety and protection, and normal violation claims can be made against these instructors if they do violate one of these major rulings.
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