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2 Dress Ideology Code
2.1 Unisex Information
2.1.2 Clothing Types and Definitions Coats & Jackets
The definition of Coats and Jackets within this dress code are body coverings designed to be worn over other coverings to help shield against colder weather and the elements , but must be able to open in the front through the use of buttons, zippers, or other fasteners (if any) or else be defined as a Top or Dress (depending on length). If they must be pulled over the head, as they do not have fasteners that allow them to be fully opened in front, it is a good sign that they are counted as a Dress or Top. Those without fasteners, but that do open completely in the front, can still be counted as a Coat or Jacket.

Coats and Jackets are not allowed to be worn inside enclosed buildings for longer than it takes to put on or remove them at the time of entering or exiting the building. They can be carried, but most buildings also offer coatrooms or hangers near main entrances to allow you to hang your coats up while inside. The main exception to this is in cases where a coat or jacket is being worn as a Top or Dress and not over other coverings, which is allowed by the DIC. This is allowed even if the Coat or Jacket does not normally count as a Top or Dress, but must still fit the rules and classifications of those coverings when worn that way (including restrictions on males wearing Dresses).
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