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Cindy In The Stocks

Brought before the campus court for blatant violations of the Dress Code during the first month of school this year, Cindy Parker (a Junior majoring in Biology) was found guilty by the judge and handed down a harsh sentence, mostly due to her record of previous violations in previous years. She was sentenced to five hours in floor stocks, while naked and gagged. The gag was called for because her mouth got her in trouble with the judge and she is naked because it was a clothing violation, so the judge thought it would help to remind her to follow the rules.

The stocks are located in the open part of the basement of The Commissary, where all students are welcome to go if they want to view the public punishments being held down there. The other half of the basement is for storage and remains locked. Floor stocks force the victim into a kneeling position and holds them in this uncomfortable position throughout the duration of the punishment.

While being strapped into the stocks Cindy seemed pleased to discover that most of her private parts were actually covered by her own folded body, and since her head was through the stocks she couldn't actually see any of herself, so it seemed she felt even more covered than she was.

At first she was calm and doing well with the punishment, but soon she was starting to drool around her gag and didn't like not being able to clean her face. The embarrassment of looking gross and slobbery seemed to bother her more than actually being chained up in the stocks themselves.

About an hour into her punishment the students started to make their way down to the basement, after classes let out and meals were finished upstairs. This was when Cindy discovered the danger of being exposed in this way. Although one of the rules of the punishment, which forces her to be naked, prevents others from touching her inappropriately with their hands or other body parts, it didn't prevent them from touching her with other things.

The first student to figure this out, after carefully reading the posted rules of the punishment, started to poke her with his drumsticks. Another thought it would be funny to spank her lightly with the straps of his backpack, which made her wince and start to cry slightly (more from guilt and embarrassment than actual pain, as a school official was there to witness the whole thing and keep it from going bad).

The topper was when an older male student found a soft cloth strip of cloth and ran it between her legs, so he could hold onto each end of it and drag it across her exposed pussy. She couldn't contain herself and became very excited due to his careful rubbing. Her lips became red and swollen, started to moisten, and her breathing started to become rapid, which only increased her drooling and embarrassment. Soon enough she was cumming and crying with embarrassment at her enjoyment of the situation.

By the time the end of her punishment neared there was a large pool of drool and mucus below her head and a growing pool of wetness on the floor between her legs. One female student even came down when there was only about ten minutes left and pulled out a large pink vibrator. Checking with the staff official first, to see if it was allowed, she started to use it on Cindy, first rubbing her around on the outside and finally inserting it deeply into her. Cindy couldn't contain herself and had a huge multiple orgasm right there in front of the now sizable audience.

It was just moments after this that the official shooed everyone away from Cindy, announcing that the punishment was over, and started to undo the stocks. The look on Cindy's face was one of extreme relief, as she was now free and able to not only get out of here, but clean herself up and put some clothes on. Everyone who witnessed the event learned just how embarrassing and difficult it could be to fulfill a punishment, which works as a great deterrent for everyone who might think about breaking the rules.

After the event we had a chance to talk to Cindy about the whole experience. She didn't seem as embarrassed about it as did on the day, but she said she had no will to go through anything like that again. When asked if she feels she learned her lesson, she said, "Absolutely, there is no way I am going to risk going through another one of these. They just seem to get worse every time I get caught. I can't imagine what the next one would be like, so I don't plan to find out."

Cindy proves exactly what the point of these public punishments is. They are doing their job by making everyone see that breaking the rules has consequences.

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