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Student Spotlight Archive

Cindy Cooper – Freshmen

When Cindy Cooper's name came across my desk for an upcoming punishment (which has now long since passed), I expected to find out she was one the typical "slacker" Freshmen that got their first taste of trouble. When I looked into her record I was shocked at what I found. She scored in the high end of every class she took, left her High School with a perfect 4.0 average, and has a perfect record for behavior (including attendance). This was not our typical Freshman trouble maker.

I did some more digging and discovered that the whole reason she got in trouble and discovered the main reason behind it was she got bored when she finished a test early (as you can see in her Punishment Spotlight). She was too good and the class didn't have anything more for her to do and she couldn't just leave at that point, even though she was done. Sure, what she did was worthy of the punishment she got and she did it like a trooper, but that doesn't change the fact that it was because of how smart she is that it happened.

We couldn't let her just be known as the class disturbing trouble maker that those spotlights can make one look like, so we decided we had to spotlight her actual achievements here in the Student Spotlight section.

To make it easy on everyone we asked her teacher if we could take some extra pictures for this on the same day we were there to cover the punishment, so we stayed after a little to get these shots. She may have gotten a little confused in the heat and embarrassment of the moment and thought we were shooting more pictures FOR the punishment, but these are supposed to be for this profile.

Since this is all we had for this, we had to go with them, so I apologize for the odd appearance of the images. At least these first few showcase how she normally looks and dresses, so they are an accurate representation of her.

She also took a few minutes before hand to write her name and some cute art on the board so we could have something more interesting that the teachers class notes behind her.

Cindy has yet to choose a major, but she is just in her Freshmen year, so that isn't so unusual. What is unusual is that she hasn't chosen one because she has too many majors in mind and is keeping up with the prerequisite classes for all of them with ease. She has no fewer than six majors she is looking into and says she will most likely take at least two of them.

Double Majors are relatively rare, but seeing a Freshmen doing this much and already able to handle it is amazing. The fact that she is currently doing the prep-work for no less than six of them is nigh impossible to believe. If I didn't have her records and written statements from her instructors before me, I would still question it. But she's the real thing.

Although I wasn't there the day these photos were taken, I had to talk to her myself so I called her to do an interview about her achievements and her plans here at Central U. About a week ago I finally managed to get her on the phone to talk.

The first thing she wanted to talk about was the punishment spotlight that went up right after she performed it. She thought it was written well enough, but was glad we were doing this to help her reputation. She said that everyone has been teasing her about being a "classturbator" ever since it was published.

First I asked her how she can handle the prerequisites for six Majors.

"It's really not that hard. Several of them share a lot of the same prerequisites so it's really only like doing the work of two or three Majors at the most. Plus, most of these early classes are really easy. Once I choose which ones I am going to take it will actually be a lot harder to even keep up with two or maybe three for real."

When I asked her what she thinks she is going to take I couldn't get her even fathom a favorite right now, I move on. So I asked her if she had any interests here besides her classes.

"Oh yeah, lots of things. I belong to several of the clubs on campus, and not just the smarty ones like the Chess Club. Although I am a member of that one too. I also like to hang out and watch movies with my friends and even go dancing every few weeks down at one of the clubs.

Seeing as how she sounds like she's rather popular I asked her about her High School life.

"I wasn't really all that popular in High School. I was the nerdy girl everyone teased and ignored. I tried to play it off like I didn't care and poured myself into my class work. It always came easy to me anyway, so it wasn't hard to do really well on all of it. Not having many friends meant I had lots of time to get it done too. But everything changed when I got here. I guess this place really has a way of bringing people out of their shells. Now I have several good friends, who I hang out with and go to parties and everything. Plus I still do really well in my classes, so they don't seem to be hurting because of it."

I find it hard believe that the girl standing so comfortably naked in these pictures was once a nerdy High School girl. I mean, she accepted that these pictures were being taken for publication and still got willingly naked. Sure, she seems to have thought they were part of her punishment picture set, but even then she could have argued that we only had to take them during the punishment and not afterwards. She just seemed to open to it I find it hard to imagine her as a wallflower shy girl getting teased by the boys.

Anyway, I didn't think I should bring any of this up during our interview, so I moved on to the next question. I asked her what brought her to choose Central U.

"Actually, I was looking at all the major Ivy League schools, but I was starting to get kind of depressed about how I was looked at by others. I didn't want to be the nerdy girl passed over by the boys any more and if I went to one of the smart schools I would be exactly the same place. When I told my mother about my fears her face lit up. See, my mother is nothing like me. She's not exactly the brightest woman in the world, but she's sweet and kind and a lot of fun to be around. She told me she became like that because of her college years and she went here. I looked into it and saw they had all the classes I was interested in, but also would be a place that I could open up at. And it sure seems to be working."

I finished off by asking what her plans were for the future, like after school, but since she hasn't even decided on her Majors yet she isn't looking that far ahead. I thanked her for her time and hung up the phone, ending the interview.

It's hard to believe that she's so open and friendly and lovely as well as one of the true geniuses we have here at Central U. I'm sure whatever field she goes into she will take it by storm and do great things. If she goes into the many sciences she could discover or create something to better all of mankind. And if she teaches, nobody will be bored sitting in her classes.

I just wonder if her willingness to show off so easily will come into play there too. I guess we will all just have to wait and see what comes of our lovely Freshmen, Cindy Cooper.

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