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Central University of New Town Cheerleader Spotlight

Although the sports teams of CUNT win many games and are filled amazing athletes, what really brings the largest crowds to the games are the Cheerleaders. They are the bright spot of every game and always garner the loudest cheers from everyone, not to mention they are also great athletes themselves. Every so often the sports staff will choose one cheerleader, usually one that had or has some event going on, to feature on this page. These write ups are then submitted by a senior student from our journalism department, and a senior student from our photography department takes the accompanying pictures.

Featured CUNT Cheerleader
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Tiffany Elton – Interview

We've already covered a number of the members of the lead central squad of cheerleaders in these spotlights, but we thought it was time to branch out and cover some of those who are members of the sub-squads and satellite squads specific to other areas. There is too much going on at and around Central University for one small squad to handle it all. The main central squad may headline all the large public events and cover the core sporting events, these other squads are the ones you will see at the lesser sporting events, assisting at some public events, and helping out with other drives and charities.

One of those others is the secondary sports squad, covering swimming, golf, gymnastics, and numerous other minor sports around the college. They are just as important to those teams and their fans as the main squad is to the basketball, football, and baseball teams. If it wasn't for this squad, these sports wouldn't have as large a devoted and active fan-base as they currently do. Would we have hundreds of people showing up for our swim meets if it wasn't for them spurring them on with cheers?

And one of the core members of the Second Squad is Sophomore Tiffany Elton.

Tiffany joined the squad early in her Freshman year and has been a devoted and active member of the squad since, even turning down a chance to move up to the main squad earlier this year. She was also one of the pivotal people behind the scenes during the large clothing drive spearheaded by the cheerleaders, doing her part to make it as successful as it was.

We caught up to Tiffany after her photo-shoot and sat down to talk a little bit about her experiences on the squad and here at Central U.

Interviewer: You showed a lot of skills when you auditioned during your Freshman year. Where did you hone those skills? Were you a cheerleader at your high school?

Tiffany: Of course I was. I've been an official cheerleader since middle school, but I've wanted to be one and pretended to be one since I was a little girl. Starting when I was like six I used to run around the house in a little skirt and shake two of my puffball stuffed animals like they were pom-poms.

Interviewer: That must have been a sight. Your family must have been really proud when you finally actually made a squad and got to be a cheerleader then.

Tiffany: I think my dad was more just glad I started wearing a proper uniform and not just the skirt when I moved up to do it for real. Although around here I seem to end up without the skirt a fair amount now.

Interviewer: When you were asked to move up to the main squad earlier this year you turned them down. Why was that?

Tiffany: When I was a Freshman I wanted to be on the big squad and that's what I tried out for, but once I got on the Second Squad I found that liked the attitude and atmosphere a lot. There's a lot less pressure on the squad and the teams we help seem far more grateful than the big ones ever did. I've formed good working relationships with several of the coaches and team members, not to mention the girls on my own squad. I couldn't imagine leaving them now. I may eventually move up to head cheerleader of the squad, but I can't see leaving them at any point before I graduate.

TruthGirl Was Here

Interviewer: We've seen some of your amazing moved out on the sidelines and know you are very flexible and athletic. What kind of training regiment do you keep to stay in that kind of shape?

Tiffany: I work very hard to make sure I'm always at the top of my game. All the girls on the squad do. We are down at the gym working out for at least two hours a day, only taking Sundays off occasionally, and training out on the field with the whole squad at lest four times a week. And those sessions are usually at least three hours long. It's not easy to work through new routines and practice all those things the girls make look easy.

Interviewer: I've talked to some of the team members of the sports your squad covers and nearly all of them say you go above and beyond in making them feel special and important out there. More so than most of even your own squad. Why is that?

Tiffany: Because they are special and important to us out there. Without them on the field or in the pool doing what they do best, there would be no reason for us to even be there at all. I want them to know how much that's appreciated and how much they mean to all of us. So I do what I can to show them.

Interviewer: Is there anything you'd like to say to all the fan out there that might not have come to a meet or game that you're performing at yet?

Tiffany: Yeah, get your ass down there and support the team. Trust me, the rest of my girls and I will make it more than worth your time. We put on a hell of a show that only goes to accentuate the amazing skills of our athletes as they work to defeat the other teams and squads. You don't want to miss it.

And she's right there, you don't want to miss it. All our cheerleaders put on a hell of a show, but these girls of Second Squad really seem to put their all into every show. So go check out Tiffany and her squad the next time they perform.

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