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Server Spotlight

Theresa Kurtz

When Cheekies first open in the 1950s, under the name The Chesapeake Café, it was little more than a classic roadside diner with a decent view of the lake. Founded by two proud Yankees from back east, it did well enough to survive for over a decade before Audry Turnblat's protest ended up changing the history of the place forever. Thus, Cheekies Café was born. Now located on the campus of Central University of New Town, Cheekies is continuing its traditions into the future and creating new ones as we go.

When we decided to start featuring some of the amazing and talented servers we have here at Cheekies—showcasing them to both draw in more customers and expose a wider audience to incredible group we have been blessed to work with—the hard work of deciding who was going to be our inaugural spotlight. The management staff, including me, worked very hard to try and choose the one person we thought would best represent us and what we wanted to accomplish with these spotlights. Although we had several serious contenders, one rose to the top in the end and is our featured server here: Theresa Kurtz.

Having worked for Cheekies for more than a year now with an exemplary record, Theresa is one of the top waitresses and occasional assistant lead. She can usually be seen working weekday afternoons and is most fond of the "Big Tipper" style waist apron originally made famous by Audry Turnblat herself. As such, when pulling her aside to do this profile, she was wearing her normal work wear as seen in these pictures. The waist apron leaves nothing hidden up top and fully covers her from the front below, but not behind. Thus making sure Cheekies remains its namesake.

Although completely unaware of her exposure level most of the time at work these days, Theresa was reminded of how much skin she was showing at the start of our interview and photo session and had an odd moment of sudden embarrassment. We did what we could to put her at ease, so we could get back to the subject at hand without her blushing and trying to cover herself up.

Before we get into any of that interview I feel we should let you know a little more about Theresa. As a sophomore, Theresa is getting into her stride as both a student and active member of the community around campus. She has yet to choose a major, although she is a voracious reader and active in several clubs around campus. She is most active in the campus LGBT community, mainly managing and organizing the awareness fundraising campaigns for several organizations.

She also has a twin sister on campus, Jules Kurtz, who is a member of several sports teams (even trying out for cheerleading) and aspires to be a model. Jules tends to be the more publicly outgoing and active of the two, but Theresa seems to be the more well known and liked of the pair due to her being a regular fixture here at Cheekies (and an amazing server to boot).

When she first started with us last year, Theresa was quick to grasp the job and was an instant hit with the customers. Although she had no prior restaurant or serving experience, she was soon one of our top servers and even starting to be gain a number of regular customers of her own. Her bubbly attitude and hard-working demeanor were more than enough to overcome her lack of experience. She even stayed on campus last summer to act as assistant lead for the afternoon shift while several of the other higher-level staff members went on vacation.

Between her poses for the photographer I managed to get a short interview in with Theresa, touching on several subjects. I figured I'd start with the beginning and find out more about her family-life before coming to college.

Theresa: "I guess it was pretty normal childhood. At least as normal as you can have being a twin. I went to school, had friends, had pretty good parents, and everything was mostly good."

Me: "You mentioned your twin sister. What was that like, growing up as a twin?"

Theresa: "There were a lot of our younger years where we were basically treated as one unit. I got pretty sick of that by the time I was teenager, but my sister kept trying to keep us together all the time. She had a much harder time finding her own identity. I guess that, more than anything, just shows how different we really are."

Me: "How are things between you two now that you are both students here?"

Theresa: "Honestly? We rarely see each other. We have very few common interests and she has finally found her own thing with all the sports stuff, so she no longer tries to always be involved in mine. It makes the time we do spend together actually feel nice for once, especially since it's often connected to something bigger one of us did."

Me: "What do you mean by that?"

Theresa: "Well, she's heavily into sports and I like to go and support her at the bigger games. We usually celebrate or commiserate together afterwards, so that's nice. She also comes to some of the larger rallies or fundraisers I run to support me and the cause."

Me: "Okay, since you brought it up, let's talk about these causes you are involved in."

Theresa: "What do you want to know?"

Me: "You are heavily involved with several of the campus and local LGBT groups, often helping them run their fundraisers and events. What got you so deeply involved with these groups?"

Theresa: "Well, I'm a lesbian, for starters. I've known since I was in my teens, but I officially came out right before I started my freshmen year here. My family was very supportive (even my sister, although she doesn't get it), but I saw how many people in the community didn't have that kind of support or acceptance. I wanted to do something about that and found that the best way I could was to help these groups. Turned out I was good at the planning and organizing part, not really as the front and center face of the groups."

Me: "That's great, but let me touch back on something else you said for a moment. What did you mean by your sister not getting it?"

Theresa: Laughs. "She doesn't get why I would want to limit myself to just girls. She certainly doesn't. Don't get me wrong, she supports me completely, but thinks it's an odd choice. She doesn't get that it's not a choice and just me being true to who I am."

Me: "Has your involvement with these groups had you help with some of these controversies that happened on campus fairly recently? Like the locker room camera incident and those movie nights featuring footage of other students that didn't know they were being filmed?"

Theresa: "No. Not at all. I have nothing to do with the so-called Lesbian Society. Their form of gratuitous activism just seems to be a way for them to get attention, get their rocks off, and has little to do with actually bettering things for the community."

TruthGirl Was Here
Me: "Now that you are going to be Cheekies first featured server in their spotlight series, do you think you might come from behind the scenes to become more of an active face for the cause?"

Theresa: Laughs. "No way. The only reason I'm even doing this is because the boss asked me really nicely. I don't really like to do much in the spotlight, so to speak. I'm definitely more of a behind the scenes kind of girl."

Me: "What do you think you will do after you complete college? Do you even have an idea of what major you might go after?"

Theresa: "After graduation is so far away in my mind I don't even like to think about it. I'm still trying to deal with everything going on right now. As for majors, I'm thinking most likely something in the business or English fields. All depends on if I want to go the academic or financial rout. I'm still not sure. I have time."

We talked a little more, but these were the main subjects that I think most of our customers and readers would be most interested in. All we cut were some small side questions and longer explanations of what was covered in thee answers. I think what you see here gives you the best idea of the kind of amazing person Theresa Kurtz is and why we here at Cheekies are lucky as hell to have her as our inaugural server spotlight.

If you are interested in seeing her in action, or just want to get some good eats on campus, come on down to Cheekies Café and see what we have to offer. Free coffee with any meal purchase for anyone mentioning this spotlight.

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