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Server Spotlight

One of the most popular spots on campus is Cheekies Café, located right in Terrence Square, where you can get everything from a healthy breakfast snack to a great afternoon meal. But the food isn't the main attraction of the café. It's the amazing staff that draws everyone to this popular and historic local business. Since the staff is what everyone loves about Cheekies Café, we decided to start showcasing some of them in their own spotlights.

Featured Cheekies Café Server
For former Featured Cheekies Servers see the Cheekies Spotlight Archives.

Carol Freemont

For their second server spotlight, Cheekie's decided to go nearly right up to the top with their new daytime lead server Carol Freemont. Having worked at Cheekie's since her Freshman year, Carol has worked her way up from short-term fill-in server to full time afternoon shift lead server. And she's only in her Junior Year. You can see her here dressed in one of the classic Cheekie's full-coverage aprons, which she brought to wear for our photo shoot. Being one of the leads she was actually allowed to remove the uniform from the premises for this special purpose. Most are not allowed to do such things and have to leave them at work.

When we came into her home (off campus), she was already dressed in the apron for the shoot and relaxing with a glass of wine. We sat down and talked with her for a while before starting the shoot proper, letting her enjoy her wine and allowing us to have our interview first. That way we wouldn't have to worry about interrupting the photographer with our questions.

What we learned about Carol is that she loves her job and is looking forward to using her skills she learned on the job and in her business classes to open her own casual restaurant once she graduates. She said she might even see if it's possible to open the first Cheekie's franchise diner in another town. Like we said, she really loves her job here.

If her franchise idea doesn't pan out, however, she does still plan on opening a casual dining restaurant of some kind and wants to think of a good theme when she does. She likes the idea of places like Cheekie's and Hooters, but wants to see more along those lines on the market. She said she has some ideas, but wouldn't share them with us because she doesn't want the competition or for someone to steal her idea before she can do it.

Originally she came to Central University to take fine art classes, but soon learned that her real passion was in the food business, thanks her to her time at Cheekie's Café. That's when she switched over to business classes to learn everything she would need to know to run a place like that. She has also opted to take a number of cooking and culinary classes, but not as her major focus.

"I'm more interested in running the business right." She said, "That means I need to know the basics of the cooking side of things, but I don't have to know how to do everything there. That's what you hire cooks for. What I want to focus on is the business side and make sure it stays above water."

She then seemed to drift out of the conversation for a moment, staring out into nothing as if thinking of something. When I asked her what it was she just smiled and said she had another idea for a theme, but wouldn't share that one either. She simply smiled at me and stepped out of the room for a moment so she could write it down. When she came back it was time to start to photo shoot and end the interview, since out time was running out before she had leave to start her shift.

After talking to her I'm not sure if I'm more interested in her being able to actually successfully start a Cheekie's franchise or for her to start her own place so I can see what these ideas of hers are. Either way I'm sure it's going to be amazing to see, just as she is sure amazing to see her in uniform when she's on duty down at Cheekie's every week day afternoon as the shift leader. You should go check her out and get yourself something to eat.

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