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Models Wanted For Catalog Items (Students Only)
All items the catalog are modeled by students (and some staff) who volunteer to demonstrate the items. The school is able to supply a small compensation, in the form of student aid (usually credits at the commissary, Campus Store, or towards tuition). Models shoot their own pictures and are requested to showcase the items they are given the best they can, with as little distraction from non-catalog items as possible. Their level of compensation is dependant on the quality of the pictures and how well the items are showcased in them.

If you are interested in modeling for future items, or to supply pictures for current items that are not yet featured in the online catalog, please come into the Campus Store and fill out a request form at the customer service desk and hand in some pictures of yourself, showing examples of how you'd display some items. If you are unable to make into the store for some reason, you are welcome to email images into the store at the CampusStore at the school email address. Emailed submissions must be superior to what we get physically handed in to be considered, so make sure they truly show off what you have to offer.

The submission that look like good subjects will then be contacted for an interview. If that goes well you will either receive your first item(s) or be told what item(s) already in your possession to take pictures of, and you will be expected to deliver finished pictures within two weeks of being given the assignment. Inexpensive digital cameras may be supplied for those who do not have ones of their own (camera phone images are generally not allowed) or a photographer from the Photography Department will be assigned to assist you.

All images within the catalog were done using these steps and the poses, style, and look of them are completely the doing of the students who posed for them. The school board and Campus Store staff can not be held responsible for their choices. We only hope to display the items we have for sale as best as we can with what we are given by out student models.
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