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Central University of New Town Campus Store

Due to the trouble that can be had at the hands of hackers, the school board has decided to keep all Campus Store transactions in house only. There will no longer be the ability to make store purchases online. In it's place we have decided to showcase certain items in our Online Catalog that you can then come in and purchase within the store at your convenience. This catalog will grow as new stock comes in or is added from our retrieved records.

Central U Online Reference Catalog

We apologize to our distant shoppers, as they will no longer be able to order school items from the store, but we will be keeping the Central U Cafe Press Store open indefinitely to serve your needs. Get all your official Central U goods there.

Cafe Press Central U Store

If you don't see what you need in either of these catalogs, or in the actual campus store, then feel free to make a request to one of our customer service personnel or leave a message on the message board for us. We are always looking to serve our customers wit new and exciting choices.
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