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Other Business of New Town

Not every business is one of the core needs of every CUNT student, but these places may of interest at some time or another.

Adams High School (1805 Heather Way)
This is a large high school, teaching over nearly 70% of students of age in town. Many of the teachers in Adams High School are Central University alumni and the school allows for college internships and student teachers to get practice.

Anders & Sons (913 Central Ave.)
This is a large corporate advertising design firm that works with the university to get work-study and internship students in the corporate door. They are well known and respected for handling some large national brands and many local ones. They have won several industry awards over the years for the creative advertisements and successes in the industry.

Harwood And Associates (1402 Pine Ridge Ave.)
This company does large scale testing, market research, and marketing, both online and wholesale sales of a wide variety of products. They are well respected in the industry and handle accounts from all over the world. They are also well known for hiring students and graduates of Central University, especially into their testing division.

New Town General (1407 Pine Ridge Ave.)
The largest full-feature hospital in and around New Town, supplying full service medical care for nearly any need. New Town General is also the main supporter of Central University's medical program, allowing for internships and post-graduate training.

New Town Public Library (1102 Oak Ave.)
This large building was put up in the early 1980s to replace old Public Library, which was falling apart. In addition to the books moved from the old location, grants put into place allowed them to buy thousands of more books in the following years. Since upgrading the establishment, the NTPL has hosted a regular stream of guest readers and educational and literary performances over the years.

North New Town High (303 Lakeside Drive)
This is a middle-sized local high school, located on the north shore of Lake Laramont. Although not the largest school in town, it's the only one that has a highly specialized athletics department, including a swim team, crew, and a extensive track and field.

Northlake Estates Campground (103 Lakeside Drive)
This large private campground services both tent and RV campers within its extensive grounds. All come in through one entrance, near the central community center of the campground, but then splits into the two separate sections. The RV park has full power options and the tent camping section ranges from full featured to hike-in only lots. All have access to the lake and centralized water and bathrooms.
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