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Blindfold Justice

Carmen Ruez was accused of sneaking into a private apartment on campus and spying on the people who lived there without them knowing. This is against the rules of the Code of Conduct on two levels, one for spying and one for breaking into an aria you are not authorized to be in. She was found guilty and given three choices of punishment.

Number One: Be chained up and put on display in front of the Student Union for four hours a day for three days. She would have to be dressed in the least amount of clothing of the victims she saw, which meant nude. While chained up and on display, she would be subject to the touching rule, which meant she would most likely be groped most of her time up there. She declined that one.
Number Two: She would have to spend an hour alone in chambers with any members of the Jury that wanted in. While in there she would be subject to their whims and desires, doing anything they wanted to do without nearly any restrictions. She could back out of it one at any time after it started, but that would mean doing the first punishment for five days as a penalty. She knew what that really meant and wasn't ready to have sex with twelve of her fellow students in one hour, so she declined that one too.

Number Three: She would be blindfolded and lead out into town somewhere. She would have no idea where she was. She would have to stay blindfolded until she willingly removed her clothing and gave it to her escort (and camera man). Once she gave them up he would inspect her to make sure she wasn't hiding anything then give her the go ahead to remove it. She would then be free of the punishement, but would have to make her own way back to campus naked (although her escort would stay with her for safety).
Since she accepted this third punishment, thinking it was the easiest and least time consuming of the two viable ones (she didn't consider number two as viable). She was given a date and time to show up for fulfillment and met with her escort and two inspectors. She was promptly inspected for adherence to the rules before being blindfolded and loaded into a car.

The driver made sure to drive around and make lots of unnecessary turns to keep her as off guard as possible, but only went about six blocks from campus in the end. She was then unloaded from the car and told she was on her own. The escort was only there to make sure she didn't get hurt and wouldn't help her find her way at all. He also had his camera and snapped all these shots.
She didn't waste time wandering around long, realizing that she had no idea where she was and no way to find her way back with the blindfold on. She felt her way to a corner, hoping it was somewhat secluded, and started to slip off her dress, which was her only real piece of clothing. After slipping out of it she handed it to the escort and waited to head the okay.

Her escort made sure to have her turn around and show both sides several times, and even told her not to cover herself while he was performing his inspection. The main goal of which was not truly to inspect, but to make her feel the violation and discomfort she made her victims feel when they found out they were being watched by her.
She was starting to get fidgety and her discomfort with being nude and blindfolded was becoming more and more evident. These were the signs the escort was waiting for. She was starting to understand and truly feel bad for what she had done..

Feeling she had suffered enough with that part of the punishment he told her she was free and could remove the blindfold. She was happy to be able to see again and thanked him for his help, before looking around and trying to figure out her location.
It took her several minutes of peeking around corners and trying to keep hidden to realize that she was never going to make it back to campus if she didn't hurry up and figure out where she was. So she walked out more casually, but less cautiously, and tried to get her bearings, hoping that anyone who saw her didn't try anything. Not that her escort would let that happen.

She finally figured out how close she was after walking a couple blocks in the wrong direction. Within fifteen minutes she was back on campus and heading for her room to get dressed, while her escort was heading off to develop the pictures and report to the office. In all her punishment only lasted about half an hour, but she will never forget a minute of it.

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