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Cracked Cheerleader Spotlight Archive

Beth Arnson (Outtakes)

You're probably here to see all the pictures they took of Head Cheerleader Beth Arnson that they didn't include in the spotlight. And you'd be right to do so, they are worth seeing. But this time there's a twist even I didn't expect. So enjoy the pictures while I tell you how this came about.

Normally I would have to hack into the journalism departments computers and dredge through them to find the pictures and stories they didn't want to release. This can take hours, if not days, and has only been getting harder in recent months. They've become more paranoid and beefing up security, so my work has been taking longer and longer to uncover the truth.

This time was different.

Not only was I informed that this spotlight was coming ahead of time, but the I had the pictures delivered to me via email by the subject of them herself.

Beth told them they could use any of them that they wanted for the spotlight. That she wasn't worried about what showed. But she wanted copies of the whole set herself, even the ones they decide not to use. She then forwarded them over to me.

In that email she told me to post any of them that they chose not to use. So that's what I've done and present them all to you.

As you can see by these images, Beth was not at all shy about showing everything that makes her popular, from lifting her skirt and showing off her sweet little snatch to flipping open her shirt to show off them amazing titties. There is nothing she won't show, but most of us know that's nothing new.

As is seen at nearly every charity event, Beth is not against losing her clothing altogether and walking around in the buff, so these images are actually pretty tame for her.

I'm sure these won't the last images we see of Beth. Hell, I'm pretty sure this isn't even the most exposure we'll see of her. Either way, however, I always look forward to seeing more of her each time.

If you ever get a chance to see her performing at a game, or better yet a charity event, you shouldn't pass it up. Especially if she's got her squad with her. The group of them together, with her leadership, is more than amazing to see in action.

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