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Featured CUNT Cheerleader
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Beth Arnson – Interview

Ever since we started running these spotlights we've been asked time and time again why we haven't yet covered the subject of today's spotlight yet. She's the lead of the main cheerleading squad and head cheerleader of all the squads. She also runs several charity events and supports the school in numerous ways.

Everyone loves her. So why haven't we covered her in a spotlight yet?

We wanted to get it right.

We didn't want to just throw together some images from her audition or some minor event. We wanted to do a proper interview and photo-shoot to cover this amazing member of our student body. With her busy schedule that took some time to set up, but here it is.

We met her out by one of the practice fields after she had a meeting with the lead squad to shoot these images and then sat down to talk.

When asked about life before college, Beth told us about how she's been a cheerleader since middle school. How it's been a part of her life for nearly as long as she can remember.

"Even when I was just a kid I would watch football with my dad just to see what the cheerleaders were going to do. I always knew I wanted to be one and as soon as I was at a school that had a squad I tried out. In high school I finally made it to head cheerleader, leading our squad by the time I was a junior. I even took us to the state championships for cheerleading in my senior year. I was just born for this."

She not only cheered for football, but all the sports throughout the year, as her school was small enough to only have the one squad. Doing the competitive cheerleading was something she talked them into trying when she took over as lead and had some success with. She then went on to talk about the transition to college.

"Coming here was kind of like starting over, but I knew I would be on the squad, if not in charge of it. I just wanted to be part of it, one way or the other. But as you know, I did manage to make it into that head spot here as well after all. I guess I was meant to do it."

TruthGirl Was Here
Since becoming the head of the squads here, Beth has changed not only the format of how cheering is done as Central U, but the extent to which cheerleaders are involved with the school itself. We asked her about her work with the local community and charities as being part of the cheerleaders.

"I saw how popular the squads were with the locals and how the school was using that popularity to get some funding and support, but I thought it could be used for more. I wanted to see it used for good. So I starting working with local charities to have the cheerleaders raise money for good causes. Before I knew it, we were helping run nearly every charity in town. It's not just me any more. This is way bigger than one person. I'm just proud to be a part of it."

Before we finished up our talk we had to ask her about her interests outside of cheering.

"Yeah, I'm not just a single track person. I love cheering, but I also like to dance and have fun with my friends, as well as studying all sorts of things here at school. That's also part of the problem. I like too many things. I haven't even settled on a single major yet. Luckily the things I'm most interested in don't require it until the end this year for me, so I still have some time."

It was there we had to end our interview as she had to go get ready for a rally that evening and still had to finish planning their performance with the rest of the squad. We were lucky enough to get the amount of time we did spend with Beth Arnson, Head Cheerleader.

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