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When we decided to start this series, we knew we wanted volunteers to act as examples for our training lessons. The problem was that we wanted to keep a lid on the existence of the training sessions until we actually worked out what we wanted to do. That meant that our first few training example sessions had to be done by those we could trust to keep a lid on the project. That presented a problem when asking for volunteers. We couldn't openly ask the student body (or even some of the community, undergraduate, or other lesser staff) without risking leaks or industrious students figuring out what was going on behind the scenes. That meant we could only tell the central staff members what was planned and see if they could bring in trusted volunteers from outside those we couldn't tell. We were lucky a few agreed to come in and help us set up these first few sessions.

Ashley Norrington – Spotting Dress Code Violations

Our first volunteer is the wife of one of our most respected young English Instructors, Charles Norrington. They've lived on campus since he started working here three years ago and when she heard about the project from him she immediately begged to become a volunteer. After coming in for her interview, the production staff for the project knew instantly that she was the perfect choice for our first session example.

Having lived on campus for several years now, Ashley thoroughly understood the ins and outs of the Dress Ideology Code (having had to live with following it since first moving here). She fully embraces both the intention of the Codes and the reality of what it means to follow it, and now is eager to help pass on a deeper understanding of it through this program. She hopes that by showing everyone what Inspectors have to do when enforcing the Codes, people will better grasp the depth and necessity of the Codes themselves.

When she arrived for her first set of shoots, Ashley showed up with several outfits of her own that she thought would work well to show different aspects of what the Inspectors would deal with and look for. Her choices were better than several of the ones we had already picked out for her, so what you will see here are most of her choices and only a few specific examples of things we had planned to show.

The basics of what is going to be covered here is an overview of the kinds of things an Inspector would be expected to look for and what procedures they would then take when faced with. This will include situations emulating both violations and innocence being discovered despite acceptable suspicions. Some procedures to follow will also be covered, but the main gist of this section will be about spotting things that call for inspections.

Example 1: Studious Student Wearing a Small Schoolgirl Miniskirt and Half Shirt
Example 2: Wearing a Medium Length Light Summer Dress on a Warm Day
Example 3: Relatively Conservative Polo Blouse and Skirt Sitting in the Commissary
Example 4: Busy Tee-Shirt and Denim Skirt Outside in the Commons
Example 5: Flirty Girl Wearing a Small Bright Flashy Miniskirt and Half Shirt
Example 6: Quiet and Shy Student Wearing a Button-Up Blouse and Denim Skirt
Example 7: Happy-Go-Lucky Girl in a Somewhat Sheer Miniskirt and Half Shirt
Example 8: Seemingly Innocent Bra Top and Wide Garter Belt Skirt Combination
Example 9: Showy Girl Wearing a Small Top and Extremely Tiny Garter Belt Skirt
Example 10: Casual Student in a Ripped Light Tee-Shirt and Denim Skirt Combination

Spotting Quiz: Can You Pass The Test?

For more Training Sessions see the Inspector Training Section.
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