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Around the Central University of New Town Campus

The Central University of New Town grounds are a beautiful and easily navigated campus, complete with large fountains, public art, open fields, and plenty of places for both gathering and getting away from it all. Between the large buildings and open courts you have a large number of well-lit walkways and paths that allow fast and easy travel between most locations.

The main campus is surrounded by a large wall with only a few gates to allow access to campus, which each have a parking control and guard gate near them. Outside this main campus you only have two large complexes (the Lakeside complex and Agricultural complex), which each have their own security stations. All areas are well lit, both day and night, with very few places obscured from clear view at any time. This all makes the campus not only lovely, but also extremely safe for our student body.

To make this navigation even easier, a detailed version of the following map is posted nearly everywhere on campus, complete with full map key. You can view both that map and key online, but the following is the simplified version.

Click on Map for full sized version and Click here for the Key.

The CUNT Campus is easily accessible from the freeway or downtown New Town, just follow the signs. Some off-site housing may require special directions to find (ask at the Visitor Information Center or at Campus Services).

For more about any of the following sections, follow these links.
Administration and Staff Offices
Campus Stores and Services
Classes and Instructional Departments
Sporting and Performance Buildings
Dorms and other Living Quarters
Open Air Campus Locations
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