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Cracked Sports Spotlight Archive

Andi Pinkerton – Soccer Team (Outtakes)

Even during the interview for this sports spotlight, Andi couldn't help but earn her nickname by showing off her pink. The camera man couldn't help but take shots of this as well. She seemed to spend a lot of her time with her legs spread, so when they had to choose the images for the spotlight, it was actually easy to weed them out and end up with just a few safe ones. Luckily, I was able to see all the shots and chose a few good ones to share here.

Even though the practice uniform they had her in the day of the interview was larger than her usual ones, she still manages to sit in such a way while talking to not hide any of her shaved little snatch. The image to the left shows how she managed this perfecty while she was answering some of the interviewers questions.

Then, when asked to lie down for a few shots by the photographer, she couldn't help but keep one leg bent up, which caused ths long uniform to ride up and expose her pussy again. As you can see with the image to the right, she seemed unable to keep from showing herself off. In the end, nearly none of the casual lying shots were used in the actual spotlight.

The interviewer even asked her about this tendency of hers and she just laughed, getting a little embarrassed, and said she didn't even realize she was doing it. It seems that getting naked and spreading her legs has just become second nature to this student. She will go far at this school.

As the interview and photo session came to an end, the photographer joked about how they had seen her pussy so often that her breasts must be jealous. Instead of taking offense to the joke or getting embarrassed, Andi simply pulled her uniform up and rolled it under her chin to show off her full nude front.

"There," she said, "no need to worry about that any more."

The interviewer just laughed and the photographer quickly shot some pics, but then things were over and they went on their separate ways. Andi went back to practice and the interview went over to talk to a couple of her teammates.

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