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Sports Spotlight Archive

Andi Pinkerton – Soccer Team

Andi Pinkerton, known as "Miss Pink" to her teammates, has been a member of the Central U Girls Soccer Team for two years now. As her time on the field grew, so did her importance to the team. She quickly proved her skills and became of the starts of the team. Now she is one of the core players on field in every game.

When she first came to the school in her freshman year she tried out for the team, but didn't make it. The coach said it was a hard decision, but had to go with a more experienced girl in the end. Six months later, when that more experienced girl proved to care more about parties than practice, Andi was given another chance. In the end she made the team in this mid-season recruitment and has done nothing but improve and impress since.

If you hang out around the soccer field during practice you will often see Andi and her teammates running around in their practice uniforms and bare feet. The coach believes that practicing in bare feet gives them a better feel for the moves, saving the soccer shoes for the power move practices and actual games.

Since she is only in her Junior year, the coach is quite sure she will be up for team captain next year. He won't say it for sure, since he has to be fair, but he says her chances of being captain "are currently above the rest." Even most of her teammates agree that she will be captain next year, unless something goes wrong.

Scouts from the professional leagues around the world have even been seen at some of the games, perhaps checking out our own sweet Andi. Who knows what her future holds in the sport.

TruthGirl Was Here
Outside of soccer, Andi spends much of her time studying for classes and hanging out with friends. She isn't as big a social butterfly as some of her teammates, preferring to work on homework or hang around the dorms with friends, but she is also well known and liked by many around campus.

She is also a regular contributor to the school store catalog, appearing in several of the clothing displays there. She is most well known for her Short Spaghetti Strap Dress and Tall Black Lace-Up Boots, but says there are even more in the works. The pay she makes from these helps to pay her tuition and allows her to have a diverse wardrobe without needing to spend a small fortune. Since she isn't here on a scholarship, sports or otherwise, she can use all the help she gets.

She has also done some live modeling for the store when they have their live shows and living displays. These pay more, but require more time and work in return. At these shows she would often have to change her outfit several, possibly dozens, of times, but she never complained and always had a smile on her face.

Although she has yet to choose an actual major, she has three she seems to be leaning towards and since they share many of the same classes she has been able to put off her final decision this long. The problem, according to her, is that she wants to learn too much and can't just choose one area to focus on. She does know, however, that "by the end of the year I have to make my choice since I can't juggle all three in my final year here."

No matter which she chooses, she will still be on the soccer team and helping them win victories as she does now.

So come on down to one of the games, or even just check out a practice, and see this spotlight student in action. You won't be disappointed with what you see.

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