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Foreign Exchange

After giving one of his standard lectures on volcanic rock formations, Allan Dobias dismissed his class and went back to his desk to work on some paperwork. Once everything got quiet he looked up and was surprised to see two of his students standing in front of his desk. They were the two freshman exchange students from his parent's homeland, Mirta and Amelia.

"Can I help you two with something?" He said in their native tongue.

They smiled at the sound of their language and Amelia said, "Thank you sir. It's just hard here at this school and we were hoping you would be able to give us something of the homeland to make it easier."

"I would be glad to help." He said with a smile. "Is there a song or story or something you would like to hear? Or just to discuss something about the old country?"

The girls looked at each other and seemed to smile slightly. Mirta then said, "Actually, sir, back in our schools at home the teacher isn't so nice as to talk to us like this. That wouldn't make us feel at home. He tends to simply expect us to stay after class and earn our grade the hard way."

"Yeah," Amelia says with a slight shrug. "We thought it would be nice to be away from all that, but now we kind of miss it."

Allan looks slightly shocked but smiles beside himself. "Do you mean what I think you mean?"

They both nod and then look at the floor submissively. Mirta then says, "We will do whatever you ask us to, sir."

He can't help but like the feeling this suddenly gave him. The combination of power and excitement. He walks around his desk and starts to unbutton his shirt. "I think you two need to kneel down and start earning your grades. This is the study of things that are hard, after all."

The girls quickly kneel down and wait for him in front of his desk. He stands there and says, "Well, get on with it."

They quickly pull down his pants, revealing his hard cock standing upright, and move in to lick it.

At first they both lick it at the same time, keeping to their own side, but soon Mirta starts to go down on it and Allan can't help but sigh with pleasure. But Amelia just sits there waiting for her turn and he thinks that's a waste of time.

"Amelia," he says, "I think you should remove that dress of yours while you wait."

She immediately stands up and says, "Yes, sir," before starting to unbutton the neck of the dress. She then grabs the bottom of the dress and pulls it up, first exposing her patch of brown hairs between her legs and then her small breasts. Once it is pulled off over her head and dropped to the floor, she starts to kneed down and undo her shoe.

"Leave the shoes and socks on." He says sternly. "And switch with Mirta, so she can strip too."

The girls gladly follow the orders and Amelia begins to suck his hard cock. She feels even better at it than her friend. He tugs on her long reddish-brown pigtails as she sucks and watches Mirta stand up and start to strip. First removing her shirt, exposing her lovely small tits too, and then letting her skirt drop to the ground, revealing her unkempt but thinner patch of hairs as well.

He has long since let his shirt slip off his shoulders by the time he pulls Amelia off his dick and stands them both back up. He looks them over like a man looks at a new purchase and rubs their asses and tits before speaking again.

"Very nice." He says as he slaps Amelia on her firm young ass. "I think you two have better take your new seats."

On that he lies back on his desk and beacons them over to him. They quickly take the hint and crawl up onto the desk with him. Mirta immediately takes a seat on his cock and drives the throbbing shaft into her dripping wet pussy. He moans with pleasure at the feeling of it and pulls Amelia up towards his face. She straddles his body and sits her pussy right above his mouth, so he can eat her out.

He starts to really enjoy all the two young girls on top of him as they work on earning their grades the way they are used to. He can't believe this kind of thing happens all the time in the old country, but right now he isn't complaining about it.

Amelia leans forward and wraps her hands around Mirta, so she can play with her friend's firm little tits. Straining his ears while he eats wet snatch he hears Amelia whisper loudly in Mirta's ear, "He's even better than Doctor Surgev."

"Bigger too." Mirta replies. "You have to try this inside you. It's incredible."

Allan smiles to himself and knows he is going to have these two in his control for some time, which means he will get plenty of opportunities to try many more things with these two amazing girls. No need to rush it all right now. They are going to be here for three more years and he is going to make sure to take full advantage of that.

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