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Administrative Offices of the Central University of New Town

The majority of all administrative offices are found on Administrative Row and around Central Walk (called the Commons). There are some other offices around campus, but most of these are support offices for these main offices found around the Commons.

Administrative Row (01, 02, 03, & 04)
The main four administrative building on the north end of the main campus (Washington Hall, Albert Hall, Phinney Hall, and the Campus Maintenance Center) are officially called Administrative row, but the general term usually refers to all the old buildings found around the Commons. The Campus Maintenance Center is also often ignored when the term is used, because it's a much newer building. The Old Courthouse (05), CU Bookstore (11), EGN Medical Center (12), Freeman Hall (13), and Charles Wilson Memorial Library (14) are all part of what they call Administrative Row. These buildings themselves are part of the old college, brick design and covered with ivy.

Administrative Services (02 & 03)
Both Albert & Phinney Hall are filled with administrative offices of all sorts, including the offices of the Chancellor and most of the Deans. Most of the main campus services have an office in one of these buildings and students are usually not found wandering the halls unless they have business here.

Visitor Information Center (01 & 65)
All visitors to the campus are expected (and usually required) to stop in at once of the offices to check in and be given a visitors badge. The main visitor center in Washington Hall is where most visitor relations are handled, including all admissions information and pamphlets. The smaller office in the West Gate Security Office is mainly used to handle regular visitors who only need badges or parking help.

Campus Services (01)
All the basic general service offices are found in Washington Hall, most of which deal with student needs and records. Food cards, parking permits, event requests, organization formation, and all sorts of other common services are handled through offices in this building.

Maintenance & Garage (04)
The Campus Maintenance Center is where the head maintenance offices are housed (although locked closets and shacks can be found all over campus for needed supplies at more convenient locations). This newer building also houses the garages that are used to service the campus vehicles and equipment (as well as being used for some classes).

Old Courthouse (05)
This classic building is one of the oldest building on campus. It is both a historical building and an active part of the campus. The building was once an active courthouse, but now the courtroom stands for special events only. The rest of the building is used for storage and some classrooms.

Security & Parking Offices (07, 09, & 65)
Although the main Security Office is next to the Legal Center, the campus has several smaller offices around campus. The main two, the North Gate Security Office and West Gate Security Office, are also used for parking security and records. Main complaints and holding are found in the main office.

Recycling & Waste Center (16)
The Dergan Waste Management Center is located centrally on campus, near Terrance Square, and handles all garbage and recycling. Campus staff delivers all trash on campus to the center from their respective bins and then there are daily pick-ups from the city at this center.

Student Health Center (12)
The Elizabeth Grace Neill Medical Center, usually just called the EGN Center, is the main medical office for the whole campus. It works similar to a small hospital, complete with basic surgical staff. Several medical students work the center in an assistant and junior practitioner level, but the main work is all done by paid professionals (only some of whom are also instructors). Some smaller Nurses Stations can be found in many of the other buildings, but all of them are assigned and work through the main offices here. Unlike most medical centers, the campus Student Health Center actually still does house calls (on campus only).

Student Union (08)
Found in Andrews Hall, the CU Student Union houses the student council and the offices of the Greek Council. These offices are mostly run completely by student for the welfare of students, both on and off campus. In addition to handling many things dealing with campus politics, the Student Union also organizes many of the student events and works with most student organizations.

Sports Services (44)
All the administrative business of the school's athletic organizations and events are handled through the offices in the Corvin Stadium Building. It's a relatively small section of the building, but they are a relatively active set of offices due the popularity of the college's sporting events.
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