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Cracked Cheerleader Spotlight Archive

Julie Renfield (Outtakes)

When Julie was standing there talking to the junior assistant coach, who also happened to be one of the lead members of the football team and favorite of his coach, he told her the usual lines about how she had the skills, but wasn't sure she was going to make it. This was the code they use to see if the potential cheerleader really wants on the team or not. Or at least if they are willing to give the young assistant coach a little something in hopes of making it.

Julie understood how things works after hearing a lot of things since her first attempt a year before. This time she was ready for the signal and willing to do what it took to make the team. As soon as he said his thing, she pulled her top up and showed her tits to the guy with a big smile. He smiled back and watched as she kneeled down in the grass and pulled the front of his shorts down.

Within second she was sucking him hard and playing with his balls. He just stood there and let her work on his shaft, a huge smile spreading across her face. From his accounts later, which he happily shared with his frat brothers, she was amazing and magical with her mouth.

Eventually she worked him so hard he couldn't contain himself any longer and blew his wad into mouth. She happily lapped it up and cleaned him off with her tongue.

She could have left it there and most likely made the team, but she wanted to make sure her placement was secure, so she pushed forward.

After her amazing blowjob, he wasn't ready to go again, so she sat back and spread her legs, coaxing him in to taste what she had to offer until he was ready for the "ride of his life." He wasted no time in diving between her legs and licking the sweet pot her skirt raised to show him. It didn't take long for his shaft to be hard and ready to go again, but he kept licking her out for a while, as he seemed to really enjoy it.

Once he finished his feast, she pulled his shorts off completely, once again revealing his throbbing member, and pushed him back on the ground. She quickly straddled him and worked his large cock into her wet cunt, so she could start to thrust up and down.

She was riding him with vigor and working his hard shaft in and out of her, with his hands on her side to help guide her. After a short time he pulled her top off and asked her to turn around, so he could look at her as she worked him. She was more than happy to oblige and was soon back riding him like a wild animal.

He was out of it, blind with ecstasy, and she was making sure he wouldn't pass her over for the spot on the team. She wasn't completely out of it though, so he happened to hear the photographer behind her and realized he was still taking pictures. She didn't want these pictures getting out, so she called him over too and used her mouth to convince him not to publish them.

Luckily, I wasn't part of that deal and he happens to keep his computer on the network with minimal security. So you all get to see what he did, before he stopped taking pictures and enjoyed his part in the fun.

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