Mile High Club Hiring Hostesses
Category : Full-Time Jobs
Published by DeanGarrison on 2013/12/5

Be a Sexy Stewardess without even leaving the ground!

The new New Town private hot spot opening down on 18th and Beech needs hostesses that can truly portray the image of the friendly skies that everyone remembers, but nobody actually experienced. The Mile High Club is a classic classy airline themed private club for the exciting elite. The club is members only, but if you fit the requirements you can work there and enjoy the exciting fun atmosphere in one of many potential positions... and be paid for it.

If you are interested and think you can pull off the look of the classic sexy stewardess from any age of flight, apply for an audition today. Training will include wide coverage for all needs since Hostesses will be expected to fill in for many positions when needed, but are assigned to specific ones when hired. Uniforms will be supplied if you make the cut and extensive training starts two weeks before the doors open.

Available positions include restaurant & bar servers, kitchen staff, greeters, comfort hostesses, guides, maids, suite managers, entertaining personnel, masseuses, dancers, and front counter staff.

Applications can be filled out in the school's work center, online through our website, or at the side entrance to the club (main entrance currently under construction) between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Be sure to include a picture and general available hours.

This is an offer for full-time employment, but we will accept part-time workers (although only full-time workers will get medical and benefits).

A non-disclosure agreement will be required by any who pass the first audition and move onto the full interviews and training. This is a private club and revealing information about its members or events within will not be tolerated. Do not apply if you will not be able to agree to this and sign the agreement.