Help with Psychological Research!
Category : Work-Study Positions
Published by PaulhanPhD on 2013/6/14
The Psychology Department has come into new funding, and I'm looking for help with my research into the psychological effects of nudity and humiliation. You can earn excellent money this summer (and beyond) just by being naked in specific situations. And since you're a CUNT student, you'll probably spend some time naked anyway, so you might as well earn money for it.
Available Scenarios (pay varies, inquire for rates).

1. Go naked whenever you leave campus for one month. You can abide by the dress code while on campus, but anytime you leave you must be totally nude, whether in New Town or somewhere farther away.

2. Go completely naked at all times for three days. Anytime you are sitting down in the presence of others during those three days, you must masturbate.

3. For one month, only wear clothes that leave your genitals (and breasts, for female subjects) completely exposed. If asked, you must let others think that this exposure is your choice.

4. Visit your hometown while completely naked. Pack no clothes, and refuse to wear any that you are offered. I will provide a note for your parents, but anyone else you encounter must be offered no explanation for your nudity.

5. Be a naked campus tour guide. I will make arrangements with the visitors' center, but the prospective students you lead on tours will be offered no explanation for your nudity. You will receive the regular pay for a tour guide plus a bonus for being nude.

6. Choose one friend you see regularly, and stop wearing clothes in their presence for no less than three months. If they invite you over, show up naked. If you happen to run into them somewhere, strip as soon as you see them. If you're at the same party, you'll have to be naked at that party. Anytime you're in that particular friend's presence, you are nude. Your friend can also receive a payment for being interviewed about this experience.

7. (Men only.) A drug will be administered to you that will leave you completely impotent for about a week. Temporary shrinkage of your member will also occur, as well as a complete lost of erectile ability. During that week, you must go bottomless and must offer no explanation for your impotence. This is an extreme form of humiliation, so it pays very well.

8. (Women only.) A drug will be administered to you that will greatly increase your sex drive, leaving you in a constant state of arousal, for about a week. Unfortunately, this drug has a side effect of impaired cognitive ability for about the same duration. You will spend the week naked, constantly wet with arousal, and about 1/3 as intelligent as you usually are. This is an extreme form of humiliation, so it pays very well.