I need cooking lessons
Category : Services Wanted
Published by Jessica on 2013/4/28
I Really Need To Learn To Cook Better

When my roommate left last semester I had to take over the cooking chores around the place and my new roommate is no better than I am now. That's the problem. I have no skillz with the cooking.

My stove-fu is weak.

I need to change that.

I don't mean I need to take culinary classes or want to become some great chef, I just mean I want to learn to make things that don't come out of a can. And even to cook those without the fear of setting my shirt on fire (It happens... I'm not proud of that... I don't wear them while cooking any more). I just need to learn to be average, so I don't have to eat fast food or crap canned stuff all the time.

So if you have the skills to teach me and the time to do it, please contact me and we'll talk payment.

My new roommate will thank you (especially if you also help to teach her too).