Suds-O-Rama Is Hiring
Category : Part-Time Jobs
Published by DeanGarrison on 2013/1/29
Suds-O-Rama Laundromat Hiring

You may not have considered the local Laundromat as a possible place of employment, but the Suds-O-Rama is looking for good part-time help and you just might be able to fill that need. They have several available slots on every day of the week open and are willing to work around school and sports schedules.

Duties are fairly light and include minor cleaning & maintenance, making change, and just watching the shop for everyone's safety. Even feel free to work on your homework at the counter, as long as you keep up with your minor duties. Perfect for students.

They'd be more than happy to see you and give you the basic test. If you can run laundry through a machine, you pass. Then it's just the background check and short interview before you're behind the counter on your schedule.

If you are at all interested, go down and fill out an application.