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Announcements & Events > Local Events > A Hawk Gallery Show Opening
A Hawk Gallery Show Opening
Published by DeanHart on 2013/12/7 (1051 reads)
The Nackte Mädchen Gallery Presents A Hawk Installment

Local Artist, known by most simply as the Hawk, has been given a featured installment at the prestigious New Town Nackte Mädchen Gallery. Simply called A Hawk Installment, it will have it's grand opening in two weeks and then be open to the public for the next month. The grand opening will be hosted buy the heads of the Nackte Mädchen Gallery and feature the Hawk and several of his subject models for his art (many of whom are or were students at Central University of New Town).

The installment will feature thirty-seven of his large pantings, forty-five of his sketches at a time, and seven of his sculptures or other physical art pieces. He will also be doing a live performance piece with three of his models at the opening. Most of the pieces will be for sale, but the central art pieces can not be taken by their purchasers until the installment closes. Any sketches purchased during the show will be rotated out and replaced with new ones from a vast collection of over two-hundred.

The grand opening is by invitation only, allowing only sixty guests total, although several of the invitations are being auctioned off or given out as prizes through several related events before the opening.

Once open to the public, the installment can be viewed by any who go to the gallery during business hours (10am to 8pm, Tuesday through Friday and most Saturdays). There is small gallery charge of two dollars to enter, but that gets you access to all installments and sections of the gallery, not just The Hawk Installment. There are always at least four installments of various sizes open any given time, and Saturday evenings often have special live shows or events (that may involve an extra costs).

The Nackte Mädchen Gallery is located on 1414 Pine Ridge Ave.

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