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MoonLight Rollerway Student Discounts
Published by Admin on 2012/6/13 (2445 reads)

Are you looking for a great, safe, fun place you can get away to and have a good time with your friends? Moonlight Rollerway is now offering a discount to all CUNT students who come to our evening Moonlight Skating Jamborees.

Just show us you are a student and get in half price. Get your skate rentals for $2 off, no matter which kind you get. Plus all concessions are 10% off for students.

Plus, on Fridays and Saturdays, you get to see the live entertainment for free (with purchase of entry). Live bands, performance art, local celebrities, and other entertainment on both nights.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see local music sensations such as Los Locos Hombres, Lisa and the Lollypops, Dance Town USA, Danny Gregory, DJ NipSlip, Funk Squad, The New Town Travelers, and DJ Sli7lick3r.

Plus see performances and appearances by Gerald Townsend, Nina Blackwell, Nueva Ciudad Lucha Libre, Flame Eaters, Penny T Rock, The East Street Dance Crew, and James Franklin (of Channel 7 News).

Performance openings are available for student artists, both in music and other stage craft (no magicians). Contact Frank Corgen in the main office for details and to drop off resumes. Auditions are held by appointment only.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/9/12 19:24  Updated: 2012/9/12 19:24
Potential Student
Joined: 2010/8/3
Posts: 5
 Re: MoonLight Rollerway Student Discounts
how do we show proof that we're students?
Posted: 2012/9/13 19:56  Updated: 2012/9/13 19:56
Junior Chatter
Joined: 2011/1/11
Posts: 73
 Re: MoonLight Rollerway Student Discounts
You can always show you Student ID Card, but if you aren't carrying it with you at the time they also let you in if you show that you're not wearing panties under your skirt. They figure you're a student because of the dress code if that's the case... but I do know a couple locals that use that trick to get the discount (just don't tell them).
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