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Looking for Others > Looking For Relationships > Karen Needs To Get Laid
Karen Needs To Get Laid
Published by Gina on 2012/4/18 (2532 reads)
Karen Really Needs To Get Laid

As anyone who has been on the forums for a while can see, this girl has a lot of built up tension and really needs to have some guy (or perhaps girl... or even several people) come along and help her release it. I mean, seriously. I've never seen a bigger case of "Needs To Get Laid" Syndrome in my life.

In case Karen McDerment's holier-than-thou attitude and general snide remarks on the forums have completely turned you off about her, here's a little shot we managed to get off the locker room feeds before they were locked down. As you can see, she is a bit of a looker when you don't have to put up with the attitude. So just think about that and not what she's said.

Her nice little titties and round ass could use your attention as you prepare to give her the real injection she needs. I'm sure her attitude would come around once she realizes that it's actually fun to fun.

Seriously, she needs it. All you have to do is convince her to let you do it. I'm sure if enough of you ask and push and pester her about it, she will eventually break down and let one of you in.

Are you man (or woman, or group) enough to do this?

So, do you think you can drive the bitch out of the prude and bring her over to the good side?

If so, you can find her around campus or look her up in her room in Harlow Dorms. She's in building I, room 207.

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Posted: 2015/7/29 21:29  Updated: 2015/7/29 21:29
Potential Student
Joined: 2010/12/18
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 Re: Karen Needs To Get Laid
Nobody should do this.
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