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Employment > Work-Study Positions > Lab Assistants Needed
Lab Assistants Needed
Published by DeanWallingsford on 2012/2/10 (1338 reads)
Science Department Needs Assistance

Several of the science professors and grad students need able assistants to help them out. There are currently twelve openings available, but they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis to those who qualify.

Most of the positions are for Lab Assistants, who will be responsible for aiding with experiments, taking notes, monitoring lab work over time, and watching labs when the leads are not available. Students applying for these must have a general understanding of the science the lab is performing and a good student record.

There are also a few Class Assistant positions available, which are direct assistants to the professors of those classes. These assistants will be responsible for grading papers, assisting with class experiments, maintaining equipment, and aiding the professor with special projects. Students applying for these must have a good understanding of the class they are to assist, including a passing grade in it and approval from the professor they are to assist.

All positions are open to work-study students and pay standard work-study rates.

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