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Employment > Seasonal Employment > Haunted House Workers Wanted
Haunted House Workers Wanted
Published by DeanWallingsford on 2011/9/24 (3597 reads)
Haunted House Workers Wanted

Toplanders is once again sponsoring the New Town Haunted Mansion to raise money for local and national charities. It's an annual event that brings in a lot of money to help those who need it most. This year they are helping a local women's shelter, collection donations for the food bank, and raising money for breast cancer research. To make it the best year ever they are looking for people willing and able to make it the best haunted house ever.

Unlike most classic haunted houses, the New Town Haunted Mansion likes to mix it up and bring more people in. There are areas designed for all ages and interests, with three different "paths" you can choose to go on through the mansion. As there is so much going on, we need to find enough people to fill every location at all times throughout the working day. We are most likely looking for a minimum of thirty people for about a month's worth of part time and full time work.

Some people will be needed as gate workers, taking tickets and directing people as to where to go. This job requires long hours of standing, handing money exchanges, watching over large numbers of people, and tracking numbers of people entering and existing the exhibit.

Some will be needed as technical workers, making sure everything is built and works as it should. This job requires the ability to handle basic mechanics, work in low light conditions, and handle regular safety inspections.

Some will be needed as builders and artisans, creating the special settings and rooms of the house. This job requires artistic or carpentry skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to work in a team.

Some will be needed as exhibit workers, taking their place in costume and performing for the guests. This job requires the right looks for a variety of parts, basic acting ability, and the ability to perform in a variety of environments.

Uniforms and costumes will be supplies, although any ideas or offers of good existing costumes will be considered.

If you are interested, go to the information counter at Toplanders and apply.

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