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Employment > Seasonal Employment > Campground Managers (and others) Wanted
Campground Managers (and others) Wanted
Published by DeanWallingsford on 2011/6/7 (2207 reads)
Campground Managers (and others) Wanted

The Northlake Estates Campground is looking for some summer managers to handle things in our three main offices. If you want a fun summer job that pays well and lets you spend lots of time in the sun along the shores of Lake Laramont, then this is the job for you.

The campground fills a large area of the northern shore of Lake Laramont and caters to nearly all kinds of campers out there. Just a short walk from Lakefront Community Park, connected along a waterfront trail to the east gate, the campground allows easy access to many of the wonderful experiences New Town has to offer.

The main entrance has numerous numbered slots for those who want paved roads, electricity, cable, indoor plumbing, and spacious lots to park their large campers. The main office here handles the timing and pricing of these lots and helps to manage the cleaning and service staff for the numerous specialty building. They also have to collect the information of the two side managers, to make sure there is no problem or scheduling issues in any of the lots.

There is an open-air cafeteria, with both indoor and outdoor seating, that is open from 8 AM to 7 PM and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner fare. There is the spacious rec-center that has several rooms and all sorts of tables and equipment for games of all kinds. There are also two outdoor basketball courts, four tennis courts, and even a pool, for those who don't like swimming in the lake. Several smaller building house resting areas, bathrooms, and showers can be found throughout the park.

On the western edge of the campgrounds is the walk-in camping section. The main office here is smaller, but only has to handle entrance and lot assignment issues. There are two gate booths at each of the ways in, found at both ends of the parking lot, and the office is located inside the campground near the center.

This area has dirt paths that are for walking and bikes only, keeping the noise pollution and other related vehicle smells out of the area. The lots are all separated by natural trees and have relative privacy through most of them, although they are all on the trails people use to get around. Some sites are on the water, while most are within the woods, only a short walks from the open lakefront parks.

Managers of these areas are expected to track lot usage and make sure nobody is overstaying their paid welcome. This area can be busy and those who made reservations should always have precedence over those who choose they want to stay longer. You have to be able to handle any disagreements that may arise.

The third area of the camp is the tent camping lots to the east of the main entrance. The east gate is open from 8 AM to 10 PM to allow easy access to the tent camping area, but they can be reached at any hour through the main gate. The roads are mostly gravel and dirt, giving the area a more rustic and woodsy look, with large lots designed to hold your vehicle, tent, and some other camping equipment. Many of them even have picnic tables and most of them have fire pits build in.

The manager of this area will work out of the east gate office and handle the needs and placement of campers the same way the walk-in manager does, only with a tighter connection to the main office, since cars may check in through either office. The office building also includes the small rec-room and snack center for this area, as well as having one of the public water pipes out back.

If you feel you have what it takes to handle managing any of these areas, please apply at the main office or turn in your resume information at the college's jobs office. We are looking for both daytime and nighttime managers, as well as some other grounds-workers for part time jobs.

Main office managers should have at least two years experience in a managerial position, or be at least a junior working on a business major of some kind.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/6/11 12:51  Updated: 2011/6/11 12:51
Senior Chatter
Joined: 2011/4/20
From: Harlowe Dorms Room Q-215
Posts: 134
 Re: Campground Managers (and others) Wanted
Well, I don't meet the qualifications for a managerial position, but I am interested in a part time summer job. What kinds of positions are available for the part time grounds-workers? Is each worker assigned specific, permanent duties and responsibilities, or is it a "whatever the manager needs at the moment" sort of thing? After reading the above article, it seems to me that this would be a beautiful place to spend the summer outside of class, and make some extra cash, but I just want to be a little clearer about what would be expected of me before I submit an application.
Posted: 2011/6/11 16:12  Updated: 2011/6/11 16:12
Member of the Faculty
Joined: 2008/7/21
From: Albert Hall, Dean's Offices
Posts: 11
 Re: Campground Managers (and others) Wanted
I talked to the owners and they said that each manager has a team for their area and that these team members are not designated specific jobs. They are generally assigned to certain work each day or week, but can be called to do any of the jobs around the camp as needed. This is mostly what we would call janitorial here, but they call it groundskeeping. Basically, you have to go around and make sure everything is kept clean, picking up trash and raking out the ground cover to be as even as possible. There is also sometimes other things that need to be done, like installing items, dealing with customer problems, and more.

If you need to know exact details, you'd have to head down there and talk to the office staff. They all seem very nice and helpful, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Posted: 2011/6/11 19:03  Updated: 2011/6/11 19:05
Senior Chatter
Joined: 2011/4/20
From: Harlowe Dorms Room Q-215
Posts: 134
 Re: Campground Managers (and others) Wanted
Thank you so much, Dean Wallingsford! I must admit, I didn't know you'd have to go ahead and talk to the owners yourself. I figured you just had all of the information available in a file or something. I've heard bad things from friends at other colleges where the faculty and staff stop helping you if it means they have to get up out of their chair for two seconds, so it's refreshing to see that a Dean would go out of their way to answer a freshman's question. So, once again,thanks! I'll definitely go ahead and talk to the staff for further information.
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