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Sale or Trade Goods or Services > Lost and Found > Have you seen my glasses?
Have you seen my glasses?
Published by Gloria on 2011/2/20 (1733 reads)
Have You Seen My Glasses?

When I was at the traveling party last night down at Greek Row I somewhere lost my glasses. Not sure where it happened, but it was after the dance competition, since I know I had it when that finished, and before we moved out to the front lawn of Party House, where I noticed they were gone. I found everything else, like my shirt, but my glasses never showed up.

As you can see by the picture here, they are deep red thin framed oval glasses with my prescription. I really need them, as my backup frames are old, not exactly the right prescription, and really ugly. I can't be seen in these for long. And please don't ask me about getting contacts. They hurt my eyes.

I would be really grateful to whoever finds them.

I'm serious. I don't have any money, but I'm sure there could be reward of some kind.

If you find them just send me a message or reply to this and I'll meet you somewhere to get them.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/2/26 7:50  Updated: 2011/2/26 7:50
Freshman Chatter
Joined: 2009/8/5
Posts: 14
 Re: Have you seen my glasses?
I think I have found them. You can come to my dorm so we can make some tests to be sure they are yours.
Posted: 2011/2/27 2:50  Updated: 2011/2/27 2:50
Potential Student
Joined: 2011/2/20
Posts: 5
 Re: Have you seen my glasses?
That's great. I can come over any time to get them, so that's no problem.

I'm not sure what kind of tests need to be done to see if they are mine. I should be able to tell once I see them and put them on, since they will be my prescription. But if there is something else, I'm sure it will prove they are mine.

I'm so glad they aren't gone for good. I would have to have to use my old ones and I can't afford new ones right now. I'll figure out some way to thank you when I get there.
Posted: 2011/2/28 4:41  Updated: 2011/2/28 4:41
Freshman Chatter
Joined: 2009/8/5
Posts: 14
 Re: Have you seen my glasses?
Well, first you should put them on and let me compare with this photo you posted. If you look as in the photo with the glasses on, we can get to the next test.
For the second test, I need to verify how well you see with and without the glasses. I'll show you some... things... and if you don't recognize them without the glasses but do recognize them with glasses, then I'll believe they're yours.
After that you can thank me as you please.
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