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Sale or Trade Goods or Services > Services Offered > Jourgen's International Supermarket
Jourgen's International Supermarket
Published by Admin on 2011/1/2 (1843 reads)
Jourgen's International Supermarket

The widest assortment of fruits and vegetables from around the world are more than enough of a reason to come down to Jourgen's, but they are by far not the only reason. There is nothing that we don't strive to carry the best assortment of in town, if not in the whole county.

Also, come check out our large assortment of local and international wines. Find the right bottle for your dinner and for your price range.

We have seven isles of international items from all regions of the world. If you want to make a fancy Tai noodle dish or a Scandinavian soup, we have what you need.

Located right in the main shopping district at 1208 Birch Nut Ave, it's conveniently located for everyone on and off campus.

We are friendly to students, so don't worry about being bothered about your dress or unfairly watched when shopping.

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