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Delta Gamma Rho Queen of the Party Contest
Sophomore Chatter
2008/7/28 0:33
From Harlow Dorms, Room I-205
Posts: 28
As many of you know, the theme of last week's Delta Gamma Rho party was Bare Foot Beach Party, which basically meant most everyone was barefoot and many were dressed for the beach in some way (even if it was just sunglasses and a little zinc on the nose). The cheerleaders, of course, were in their cheer uniforms but several of the other girls were in bikini tops and had towels wrapped around them as skirts (not that the towels lasted long in most cases). Us guys had it easier, since we just had to wear shorts to pull off the look.

Anyway, since the theme was all about bare feet, the "Queen of the Party" contest this time was dealing with feet too. They called it "Foot Stack" and said that it followed the same rules as most of the contests, as far as staying in them go. We all knew that meant that if a girl lost, she could buy her way back in by removing their top or bottom. This means they could lose twice and still end up winning the contest. It also meant that anyone who agreed to enter would be at the mercy of the game until everything ended. All the losers would not be allowed to put on anything they waged and they would become the servants of the winner, the "Queen", for the rest of the party.

They had set up a large number of trays with a collection of wooden blocks of different sizes on them, one for each entrant, and placed them around the edges of the large dining room table. They then had all the contestants get up on the table and stand behind one of the trays, facing out toward the rest of the partiers.

The girl running the game said it was pretty simple. "All you have to do is stack all ten of your blocks in a single tower. The catch is, you can only use your feet to touch the blocks. That's it. The first person to do that wins, or the last person still in the game who was able to make a tower of at least five wins if nobody manages to do ten. Finally, if you have a stack of more than two and they fall over, you lose... unless you pay your way back in."

So the contest was set and the girls were up on the table, ready to start. I noticed that most of the cheer squad was up there as usual, but so where a number of other girls both from Delta Gamma Rho and elsewhere. Many of them had the towel skirts, which were really going to be a hindrance for them since they were mostly too long and restricted leg movement. I knew the serious players would be losing them fast.

When the whistle blew and the girls started, most of the tried to pick up blocks with one foot, since they were still standing on their other one, but a couple of the girls got the trick right away. Those ones immediately dropped to a sitting position and spread their legs, coming in on the blocks from two sides and using their feet like clamps to more easily pick up and manipulate them. It was really smart on their part and we weren't complaining since it meant they were sitting there with their legs wide open and showing off everything between them, especially the cheerleaders in their tiny skirts.

At first it was still a lot of fiddling with block and trying to get the hang of it, and no towers were getting higher than two, because the third block would knock the second off as they tried. There was a lot a laughing, but no serious contenders at first. Then Jessie McShane, who seemed to really get the hang of using her feet to grab and manipulate things, made the first tower of three and already had her fourth block getting place. It was clear she was ahead.

Then it looked like Wendy, who was next to her, had a sneezing fit, which caused Jessie to jump in surprise and knock her own tower over. Wendy didn't have more than two yet, so she didn't lose anything, but Jessie was going for her fifth when it happened, so she didn't want to be out of the game. Without getting up she quickly pulled off her shirt and tossed it off the table, allowing her to stay in the game longer. She then started rebuilding her tower again.

I didn't care about that part though, I was too busy watching her amazing breasts wiggle and heave as she moved her legs around and concentrated on building her tower. She is such an amazing looking little redhead and I was glad to be standing right in front of her. I also had a pretty nice view of Wendy and Mirta (an exchange student), who were on either side of her, but neither of them were topless yet, although Mirta had all but removed her towel to get her legs to work better.

By this time most of the others were starting to get the hang of it, so Jessie had lost her lead because of her restart. Slowly others were starting to get small towers going and knocking them over, so more pieces of clothing were starting to disappear from the table. Jessie, seemed worried about her position and seemed to rush a bit, which made her clumsy. It wasn't long before her skirt was gone too, being the first one at the table officially naked, but still in the contest. At least that woke her up and she slowed down for her next attempt.

Mirta had also tossed her towel aside when she knocked her tower of four over, leaving her in just the bikini top, but that wasn't really so different from where she was before. Wendy, on the other hand was doing pretty well, having a tower of six already, but it was really wobbly. I knew it wasn't going to last long, and as she was trying to pick up her next piece the tower fell without her even touching it. She decided to lose her skirt too, so not a whole lot new being seen there either, so most of my attention was still on Jessie.

It wasn't too much longer that Jessie was out of the game though. She was doing okay, with a tower of seven going on eight, but then suddenly seemed to jump and wiggle, knocking the whole thing over. She glared at Wendy, who seemed oblivious, as she worked on her stack of five, and slid off the table. I was upset at first, but then she walked over by me and I was able to get my hands all over her. She did move around the room to watch the rest of her team perform, but always came back to watch Wendy and I got my licks in. Sometimes literally.

Mirta was the next on out of my group that was out, but by that time there were already at least two others out of the contest on other parts of the table. All the losers were naked and walking around the table, but nobody was letting them walk away, so they were constantly being played with by everyone watching, both girls and boys. It was getting harder and hard to concentrate on the game as more were added to the mix of losers. At least Jessie always seemed to come back to me.

Pretty soon it was down to three girls: Wendy (who was naked but doing rather well with her current stack of seven), Gina (a fellow cheerleader, who still had her top on but only a stack of five), and some dark haired sophomore I didn't know (found out later her name was Maria, and she too was naked but didn't have a stack of any size). I didn't think that dark haired girl had much chance, but both Gina and Wendy had a good shot at it, but if Wendy failed it was the end of her, while Gina still had a chance to come back and try again. It was pretty tense.

Then, as she was putting on her eighth block (which required her to put her legs into the air pretty high and show off every thing open to the crowd), Gina slipped up and knocked her huge tower over. The pieces came crashing down to the ground and off the table onto the floor. She swore and dropped her legs back into a seated position. She had to give up her last piece, exposing her great tits to the group, and then go around and retrieve all her pieces off the floor to start over again. She was allowed to use her hands for this, but once she started stacking it had to be with her feet only.

Wendy found Gina's situation very funny and was having trouble keeping her silent laughter from making her legs shake. In the middle of trying to put on her ninth block it got the best of her and she knocked the tower over. Instead of getting mad she just rolled back on the table, her legs still high in the air, and let her laughter roll out of her. She knew she was out of the game, but it didn't seem to matter to her as the silly bug bit her.

At this point everyone pretty much knew that Gina was going to win, as long as she didn't rush herself or try to show off. All she had to do was either slowly build her stack of ten or wait for Mirta to knock her stack over. It didn't take long, and she only had her stack of to five when Mirta knocked her stack of four over and lost for the final time. Gina was the winner and didn't even bother to finish her tower.

As the winner, Gina was crowed the Queen of the Party and given control over the rest of the losers. As was customary, she didn't bother to get dressed (even though it was her right as winner) and was seated in the "throne" at the head of the main room. She then started her reign by telling the losers what they had to do first for her, which was mostly to get her things and entertain her with dancing and shows.

The rest of the evening was the usual kind of Delta Gamma Rho party, with the Queen taking center stage. I can't complain, as I got to spend even more time with Jessie after Gina got her swats and toying in. I really know now why the girls call her McSPANK all the time. She really seems to get into the swats.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about the other drama that was going on in the place, which is why Beth was not in the competition this time around. So odd to be at the party and just now hearing about some of these other events that happened there.

Posted on: 2010/9/4 15:33
I'd love to go back to when we played as kids, but things changed, and that's the way it is
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